Return Policy

Return Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

Measure fee  There is no consult fee for Faber Rug Co. when scheduling the measuring appointment.  At this time the requested spaces in your home are measured and diagrammed.  Layouts and product selection are discussed.  The job will be figured and a quote is generated, usually within a few days.

Scrap or left-over pieces  With most orders there is scrap carpet that remains when the carpet has been cut to fit the space.  The waste is disposed of by the store unless specified when the order is placed.

Rugs on trial All area rugs are available for trial in your home in exchange for leaving a credit card number.  A typical trial period is 2-3 days unless otherwise noted when taking the rugs on trial.  Once this period has expired the rugs must be returned to the store or you may be charged for the full price of the rug.  If a stain or tear occurs to the rug while in your care, you are responsible for the repair or cleaning.  If the problem cannot be fixed you are responsible for the value of the rug.

Storage After an order is placed the carpet will be stored in our warehouse for up to one year from the date of purchase.  After this period the carpet will be resold or disposed of if we are unable to contact the customer or the customer does not make contact with the store.

Customer-provided dimensions Faber Rug Co. does not recommend using customer-provided dimensions.  If the customer chooses to use his own dimensions he is responsible for the carpet size and how it fits in his home.  Any alterations or additional fees associated with the job will be the responsibility of the customer.

Carpet only Faber Rug Co. will sell carpeting if the customer chooses to use his own installer.  The customer is responsible for providing dimensions or we will do a measure and layout for a Measure Fee.  Once the order is placed Faber Rug is not responsible for any changes to the layout or the installation of the carpet.  It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the carpet before the purchase is completed.  Once the carpet has been taken from the store Faber Rug is not responsible for any defects, stains, or damage to the material.

Samples Carpet samples may be taken home for a 3-5 day trial period.  The customer is responsible for returning the samples within this time period. A fee may be charged if we are unable to contact you, or the samples are lost or damaged.

Discounts Only one promotion, discount, or coupon can be used when an order is placed.  You will not be able to combine discounts for orders.

Force Field Protection Spray –  Is applied to carpets which creates a barrier between the fiber and a liquid or soil spill.  This allows you time to clean the stain better.  You must still clean the stain in a quick manner with the Force Field cleaner.  There is no guarantee that the stain protection will work on all stains or if the stain is sets up or is improperly cleaned with the wrong product.  Attempting to clean a stain can sometimes make it worse.

Carpet Pulls or Fraying– Loop pile carpets especially Wiltons are prone to pulls from animal claws or vacuums.  When purchasing a loop pile carpet you run the risk of having these issues.  We do not guarantee that your carpet will not have pulls.  Each carpet performs differently based on the amount of traffic and the way the customers care for it in their home.

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