I know I had asked a while back about where to get a safe rug and underpad, etc. There wasn’t much of a response so I decided to see where I had gotten my 20 year old rug which was falling apart. I found the receipt and it was from Faber Rugs and I called and sure enough, Mike who I got it from way back then (before I had full blown MCS), was still there. We talked and he was very knowledgeable about MCS and I decided to go with the same rug that was 100% wool (despite that I could never wear wool) as it was made in Italy and NO chemicals were put on it. He even brought over samples to my home vs. my going into the store. I ordered it and it took about 3 months to get to him. We had planned that he would put it in a room by itself and off gas it even though there was nothing to off gas, as I was concerned. By the time it came, I was involved in a 2 month medical protocol that I did not want interrupted by possibly getting sick from the rug so he ended up keeping it for 3 months and always telling me not to worry, they could keep it as long as I wanted and to focus on my health. He was so accommodating. I finally got it 2 weeks ago and Mike was not satisfied enough with any of the under pads so he just put down a thin layer of 100% wool. I was still concerned that I might have a problem and asked him to keep my old rug (which he took out a la Jeff May’s removal of rugs….wet it down and then roll it up and put it in a plastic bag to avoid fibers flying anywhere). After 2 weeks I was sure it was ok and I told to dump the old rug. When he was here laying down the rug (he wanted to oversee it personally with his people) he showed me how to get rid of traces of adhesive strips (where I had rugs years ago) by using the juice of a lemon and elbow grease. I even showed him other places on my floors that had some black areas from when I had rugs and my kids would get out of bed in the same spot and he had non-toxic ways to get rid of those too! He has chemically sensitive customers and really “is in the know” about this area and has a huge heart too.


I wanted to write and thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience. I had a runner installed on my stairway last week. Jampa was my salesperson and he did a great job explaining my options to me finding the rug I had picked out and communicating throughout the process. Tom came out to measure promptly, we ordered the rug and it was in within the week. Billy and his crew did the installation and they too did a wonderful job. They were on time, efficient, cleaned up after themselves and the rug looks perfect. I couldn't be happier. Due to last February's storms, I have had a myriad of contractors and salespersons with who I have had to work with to complete the repairs and I can honestly say that my experience with Faber's was the smoothest and most pleasant of all. Thank you

Phil & Holly
Framingham, MA

We were looking to replace a carpet in our home office with hardwood flooring. While shopping at Faber Rug we discovered this was a product that they installed. Donna helped us pick a pre-finished hardwood floor and placed the order. Donna was quickly back to us with a fair quote and a delivery date. When Faber's hardwood flooring installers arrived they were great. First, they removed all of the furniture in our office and covered up what would not fit out the door. They removed the existing carpet. Next, they spent the time going foot by foot looking for floor squeaks and screwing down loose subfloor to remove all of the squeaks They installed the floor and left the room cleaner than when they arrived. We are grateful to Donna and Faber's for the care they provided to us and our home.

Mary P

Faber’s Rug Company and I began our long relationship over 15 years ago, which continues even stronger today…Faber’s enormous and vast selection of carpet and floor coverings are immense – their inventory consists of stacks of rugs in every color, size, pattern, and style; they have Orientals that are made all over the world, including the U.S.A. Their collection of rugs is both endless and extraordinary to see under one roof and in one store! Donna Faber Spellman, thank you for all the kindness that you have given to my requests and extended to my family.

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