Choosing the Right Carpet to Complement Your Rubber Flooring

Choosing the Right Carpet to Complement Your Rubber Flooring

It is essential to pick a rug that matches your floor type whenever you shop for rugs. We have discussed such occasions in many of our previous blogs, and you have read them. In case you missed them, we will mention the related ones below for your ease. This article will discuss choosing the right rug for rubber flooring. So, this article will be a better guide to inform owners with rubber floorings. It doesn’t sound that this suits others. Everyone in love with interior decoration must have the knowledge included in this article since we will answer some popular questions and doubts.

Fast facts about different types of rugs?
Why rugs with rubber backing are important?

Why do rubber floors need different carpeting?

Rubber floors may be created on purpose due to their different properties than other floors. Especially rubber floors are designed to prevent slipping. This means that it has a texture that provides grip and helps to prevent slips and falls. So, rubber flooring is a popular choice for high-traffic areas like gyms, hospitals, and commercial kitchens. The reason is its durability, slip resistance, and ease of maintenance. It is also becoming increasingly common in residential settings, particularly in areas exposed to moisture or heavy foot traffic, such as basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. However, this texture can also make it difficult for the carpet to adhere to the surface properly. As a result, these floors require different carpeting from other floor types, and also it depends on some properties of the rubber flooring.

rugs for rubber floor

Can you put carpets over rubber flooring?

Although many people have doubts and curiosity about this, the simple answer to this question is yes. Using a carpet over a rubber floor can offer several benefits, like improved comfort, sound absorption, and an aesthetic look. It means even though rubber flooring is practical and functional, it may not be the most visually appealing option for some spaces. Laying a carpet over the flooring fills out that space. However, there are some important things to remember when installing a rug over the rubber flooring. Let’s take a look at those essentials for a successful carpet installation.

Choosing a perfect rug for rubber flooring

To find the perfect rug that adds beauty, comfort, and functionality to your space with rubber flooring, you must consider the following mentioned factors.

Size of the rug

It is important to consider the rug size whenever you buy rugs for any carpeting purpose. We have told you this in many of our blog posts that you may have referred to, but here it is a bit different since you will have to consider the rubber flooring size too.

The size of the rug you buy should be balanced with the size of the room and the size of the rubber flooring. Ensure the carpet is large enough to cover the area where you want to use it but not so large that it overpowers the space. If it isn’t, the room may look disjointed and awkward. It can create a visual imbalance in the space, making the room feel smaller than it is.


Choosing a rug made of materials suitable for use on rubber flooring is a perfect decision. Materials like wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers are excellent options. Avoid materials like jute or sisal, as these may scratch or damage the rubber flooring unless it comes coated with a rugger backing or you are using a pad.

Color and Pattern

The rug’s color and pattern should complement the room’s style and decor. Consider the current colors and patterns in the room and choose a rug that complements or contrasts them pleasingly.

Offers for rug purchasing from Faber rug

The texture of the rug

When it comes to carpeting rubber flooring, the texture is something you should consider ultimately. It can affect the overall performance and durability of the rug and the rubber flooring. You may also consider using a non-slip underlay or rug pad to keep the carpet in place and prevent slipping. Rubber flooring tends to have a relatively smooth surface, and if the rug placed over it has a rough texture or a coarse backing, it can cause abrasions or damage to the rubber flooring over time. Similarly, if the rug has a slippery backing, it can cause the carpet to shift or move around on the rubber flooring, creating a safety hazard.

We have brought you a previous blog article about choosing a rug pad for your rug and the importance of rubber backing for a carpet. As it is essential for those who missed it, we have attached the links below. Click on the links and review the relevant article.

Why rugs with rubber backing are important?
How to buy a rug pad for your area rug?

On the other hand, a rug with a soft and smooth texture, or a rug with a non-slip backing, can provide a comfortable and safe surface that complements the rubber flooring. It can also help to protect the rubber flooring from wear and tear. Therefore, choosing a rug with a texture appropriate for rubber flooring is important to ensure that the carpet and the flooring perform optimally and last as long as possible.


Considering the cost and effort we must put in when cleaning a rug before buying it is essential. If not, it will be a huge trouble and may sometimes reduce durability. Even rubber floors are durable and easy to clean. So choosing a rug that is also easy to care for, with materials and construction that can withstand regular cleaning will be very effective in criteria including economy.

By considering the above factors, you can buy the perfect rug for your rubber floor at Faber Rug, we have a large stock of rugs for rubber floors and we provide expert installation services. Installing area rugs for rubber floors will be easy. Replacing rubber floor tiles and sheet goods with carpet will require removal of the rubber floor to install the carpet. It may also be possible to do a glue down installation over your rubber floor while doing a wall-to-wall installation. Our guaranteed service will be very helpful for you in this case. Contact us anytime to place orders or for further information.

We have been discussing a lot about decorating the different places in your home with rugs so far. Today, we have looked into a different topic that explains the best way to decorate your office using different types of rugs. Here, we aren’t only describing how we decorate cooperative offices, but also this article will help you decorate your home office with rugs, and you will get to know amazing tips and creative ideas at the end. First of all, we will introduce and explain the essential things you need to keep in mind whenever you choose and lay rugs in any office room.

Essential things to consider when decorating any office room with rugs for office

When it comes to decorating an office, rugs are often overlooked. However, they can be a great addition to any workspace, providing visual interest and practical benefits such as reducing noise levels and providing comfort for those who spend long hours on their feet.

If you’re decorating a cooperative office, you’ll want to choose rugs that are durable and easy to clean, such as those made from natural fibers like wool or synthetic materials like nylon. We discussed choosing rugs by looking at the fabric, color, shape, and size. You can click the below links and review those articles.

From Size to Style: Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Choosing and Laying an Area Rug
How to choose between colorful rugs
Why choose the best Indian rugs for your home?

You’ll also want to consider the size of the rug and how it will fit into the overall office design. For example, a large, colorful rug can help to anchor a seating area, while smaller rugs can be used to define workstations or add visual interest to a blank wall.

If you’re decorating a home office, you have more freedom to play with different rug styles and colors. Choose a rug that reflects your style, whether bold and colorful or understated and neutral. You can also use rugs to define different areas of your home office, such as a reading nook or a workspace.

Here are some tips and creative ideas for decorating your office with rugs:

  1. Use a large rug to anchor your workspace. This helps define the area and make it feel more cohesive.
  2. Choose a bold pattern or color rug to add visual interest to a neutral office. This can be especially effective if you have plain walls or furniture.
  3. Consider layering rugs for added texture and interest. For example, layer a small rug over a larger one to create a cozy reading nook.
  4. Use rugs to define different zones within your office. For example, you might use a carpet to determine a seating area or a workspace.
  5. Feel free to mix and match different rug styles and colors. As long as they complement each other, you can create a unique and exciting look for your office.

Why choose Faber Rug for laying rugs in your office?

Consider Faber Rug as your go-to provider of rugs for office in New England, United States. As a family-owned business with a wealth of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you create an inviting and functional office environment.

We offer an extensive selection of rugs from different styles worldwide, including modern, traditional, and transitional styles. Whether you’re looking for a rug to complement an existing office design or want to create a whole new look, we have the perfect options for you.

At Faber Rug, we provide complete installation services, including expert guidance and everything you need to ensure your new rug is perfectly installed and looking its best. We even care for moving furniture, so you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your office space with the perfect rug, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is standing by to help you find the perfect rug for your office and to guide you through the entire process from selection to installation.

View our cooperative portfolio by clicking here. Please browse the site for other products great for offices.

We offer expert carpeting for your business. Click here for more information.

Choose a Rug Size that fits the desk and the chair.

When choosing a rug for your office, it’s essential to consider the carpet size concerning the desk and chair. A rug that’s too small will look out of place and won’t provide the comfort and functionality you need, while a rug that’s too large can overwhelm the space and make it feel cramped.

To find the perfect rug size for your office, start by measuring the length and width of your desk and chair. Ideally, you’ll want a large enough rug to accommodate both, with a few inches of extra space on either side. This will create a sense of balance and help to define the space as a distinct area within your office.

Consider using multiple rugs to define each area if you have a larger office with multiple workstations. For example, you might use a larger rug to anchor a seating area and a smaller rug to define each workstation. This helps create a sense of flow and cohesion throughout the space.

At Faber Rug, we understand the importance of finding the right rug size for your office. That’s why we offer a wide range of rug sizes to suit any space, from small and medium-sized rugs to larger statement pieces. Our team of experts can also help you choose the perfect rug size for your office based on your specific needs and preferences.

Offers for rug purchasing from Faber rug - Rugs for office

So, if you’re ready to find the perfect rug for your office, contact us today. We’re here to help you create a beautiful, functional office space ideally suited to your needs.

Every parent dreams of giving birth to a healthy and active little baby. Mother or father, both try their best to achieve that dream for more than 10 months. Once a married couple gets to know the wife is pregnant, they plan everything to suit the goal. When a precious new life enters the world, it also brings parents a greater purpose and responsibility to nurture, protect, and guide their little ones on a journey filled with love and wonder. So parents always look forward to creating a safe and comfortable environment for their baby. Since creating a cozy and safe atmosphere inside the home for the baby is necessary, parents should focus on the flooring that lets the baby cuddle, kneel, and play. In this process, choosing suitable baby-safe rugs that are non-toxic, don’t create allergies, etc., is essential. Besides them, many aspects demand soft and non-toxic options for your little one’s space. This article provides you with everything as assistance to the lovely parents who need help selecting the best rugs and carpets to protect their children.

Faber Rug always provides value-added services to customers. As a family-owned business over the generations that provides the best rugs and installation since 1954, our experts can assist you in any rug matter. So, we brought this article for new parents that want to ensure their little one’s a safe and comfortable space. Remember the following when choosing baby-safe rugs, and remember to shop our amazing non-toxic carpet at 19 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02482. View our new and current collection easily online by clicking here.

Decorating your floor with baby-safe rugs

Choosing the right rug is essential when decorating the nursery or play area. Not only do you want something soft and cozy for your baby to crawl and play on, but you also want to ensure the rug is safe for your little one.

Selecting baby-safe rugs might require considering the fundamentals of a rug as well as the specific qualities of a rug. The following mentioned things may include all of them that you need to consider for the best selection.

1. Consider the material

The first thing to consider is the material of the rug. Look for rugs made of natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, or bamboo. You can read more about eco-friendly rugs by clicking the link at this passage’s end. These materials are soft, hypoallergenic, and free of harmful chemicals. Avoid rugs made of synthetic materials, as they can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may harm your baby’s health.

Read:- Why should you select eco-friendly natural rugs?

Baby-safe rugs

Faber Rug provides rugs imported from Asian countries like India, which are handmade and designed to cater to comfort and safety. View our collection of handpicked rugs and portfolio via the following links. Portfolio   Orientals   In-stock Specials

2. Ensure Non-Toxic

Ensure the rug is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and flame retardants. Look for rugs certified by independent third-party organizations, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. These certifications ensure that the rug meets strict environmental and social criteria and does not contain harmful substances.

3. Low Pile or plush(Easy to clean)

Choose a rug with a low pile or on that is plush will reduce the risk of tripping and falling. A low-pile rug is easier to clean and maintain, while a plush rug provides extra cushioning and comfort for your baby. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Choosing such a rug can save you time, effort, and money if you hire people to clean your home when you are busy. Look for rugs that can be spot-cleaned or washed in the washing machine. Avoid rugs that require professional cleaning or have high-maintenance upkeep. You can read and understand more about the benefits of choosing low-pile rugs by clicking the link given below.

Read:- Why should you choose an easy-to-clean low-pile rug?

4. Size and Placement Matters

Faber Rug has provided knowledge about choosing the perfect size for your home several times in previous blog entries and will continue to talk about these factors. However, it is also essential to:

Consider the size and placement of the rug when creating a child-friendly space in your home. Ensure the rug is manageable for the space, consider whether to place the rug near the crib or other furniture your baby could climb on, this could cause a hazard or be a nice way to cushion the area your child may be attracted to. A cleanable rug is essential where spills or accidents are more likely to occur, such as near the changing table or feeding area. You may decide to carpet the room wall-to-wall. This will blanket the room and keep the entire space baby-safe and warm. Consider the pad as well. Different densities will keep the floor soft and safe. Wool pads are ideal for an organic safe alternative to synthetic pads.

Some recommended baby-safe rug options include:

Choosing a baby-safe rug is important in creating a safe and comfortable space for your little one. Look for rugs made of natural fibers, free of harmful chemicals, with a low pile or plush style, and easy to clean and maintain. Considering these factors, you can find the perfect rug for your baby’s space.

Have small area rugs made for places like the changing table or crib so there is a soft place to stand while providing care for your child. There are many fun designs and colors to choose from that will stimulate creativity in your baby’s mind. Not to mention a beautiful space to play and enjoy for years to come.

You can buy the best baby-safe rugs in the USA at the Faber Rug store, 19 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02482. Also, busy parents can call us anytime for any inquiries via (781) 235-5996 or send us an email at Carpet. Our experts can provide the perfect solution for any rug issue that you might be facing. We will send you samples if you are following around the little ones and provide a free measuring service promptly if you are in the New England area. Give us a call today!

Home trends differ from time to time. Many trends are emerging with time, and only a few last long but usually come back around after a certain period. Upon them, trends that have been non-depreciable for centuries can be found. One among them is decorating the interior of a home with colorful and bold prints of the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Some people state this as the definition of retro, but undoubtedly this style can make uncomparable modern styles when used judiciously inside the home. When it comes to rugs, it’s not all about antique rugs, and there are many ways to decorate your home with a modern-styled vintage rug to fit present-day living spaces. This article will discuss letting them bring the right vibe into your home.

Why choose a vintage rug for your modern home?

Although the vintage design ideas evoke the feeling of nostalgia, they reveal glamour. Whether you’ve bought a new home or are trying to refurnish your existing one, decorating is an and fulfilling experience for both. When adding a rug to your home, we believe that vintage or new vintage carpets are far superior to any others on the market. Discover why a vintage rug is the best addition to your home!

Display greater color patterns

Most vintage-style rugs deliver appreciated and embraced color schemes. It adds the necessary visual interest to your room, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home. However, you will feel overwhelmed seeing vintage rug designs everywhere in your home. It’s normal. So, don’t worry. You don’t have to make the whole house vintage in its design. Try using different design ideas and buy high-quality vintage rugs from a trusted service provider. Yeah. We know. Selecting a high-quality vintage rug can bring uniqueness and beauty to your space. You need a good supportive rug dealer around you to do all this.

At Faber rug Co., we help our clients choose between our fascinating and impressive rug stock by providing the knowledge we have obtained over decades of this family-owned business. We don’t let any customer who comes to our 40,000 square foot store feel uncomfortable about going through our stock of rugs. We make choosing rugs for your home exciting whenever you arrive. For now, we recommend paying attention to the following recommended decorating styles before you stop by and shop.

Large-Size Rugs Available to Accommodate All Homes

Even though choosing rugs is interesting, finding rugs and carpets big enough to fill a larger room can be more challenging, and most modern carpets need to be specially made to fit. A vintage rug may make better financial sense since they already come in larger sizes. When you come to Faber Rug Co. in Wellesley, Massachusetts, you can purchase a vintage or vintage style carpet that will fill your grand room with history and a sense of unique style.

decorating your home with a vintage rug

Hand-Picked rugs for your room

A vintage rug can transform your interior space to meet your specific decorating goals more than other rug types in the market. The reason is we carry a variety of sizes to accommodate any area with the right texture for the room, and the perfect design for your decorating sense. All you need to do is contact a good rug supplier and carpet installation team with expertise. Most people have chosen Faber Rug for this over the decades. Faber Rug has gained customer trust through out the years. Contact us anytime for any inquiries or to discuss carpeting your home. Click the below link to reach our contact details easily.

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Decorating with a vintage rug

When decorating your home, you have multiple options in decor with various styles, modern, traditional, or vintage. Some styles can be a bit outdated or not in trend. Vintage or new-vintage rugs are very popular at the moment. Vintage rugs show minor wear or tear due to their durable fabric and the care put into their creation. New Vintage rugs show distressed characteristics to mimic an antique rug but is still made of quality and is a brand new durable representation of the beautiful rugs of times passed. When you purchase a vintage carpet, you are allowing your home to be the centerpiece for a rug made with care and designed with a purpose. In fact, often, it’s better to incorporate some furniture, fabric, or a contemporary sofa with a vintage rug to capture a specific feeling without going overboard. It is easy and affordable.

The following decorating styles will help.

Endless possibilities with a larger living room

You don’t have to worry about fitting your sofa into a tiny space when you have a luxurious and large living room. This is the time to select one of these fine pieces. You can choose your fireplace or any other adjacent object as the center element and position the decoration pieces around it. Choose the best vintage rug to place under your couch. If you review selecting the rugs to place under your couch, take a peek at our previous articles and get to know them. You can follow the below links to the articles.

Should a rug be lighter or darker than couch? Explained.

Floral and Geometric

Choosing a vintage rug with Floral and geometric patterns gives formal rooms some punch and brightness. It also helps to transform any space effortlessly. Indian-manufactured rugs are a great choice for your home and will last a lifetime. Do you need more help? If so, please review the following articles explaining their core values and importance.

Why do rugs from India give a more luxurious look?

Why choose the best Indian rugs for your home?

Classic style

Even though it sounds aged, it doesn’t have to be every time. Modern spaces can also be decorated to provide that elegant, classic, timeless feel. It just requires sophisticated and contemporary furnishings with a rug that features a traditional pattern, like damasks or medallions, in neutral, understated hues and tones. This will be a classically beautiful package for your home that tailor a relaxed throw-back vibe with a harmonious balance between old and contemporary designs.

If you are still unsure about what type of vintage rug should be selected for your home, feel free to contact Faber Rug. We have strived to provide every rug lover with the best quality materials and the highest standards of designs since 1954.

An area rug is the key embellishment of every house. Even the rugs are the most luxurious item to improve the home decor, and they are easy to acquire. However, different textures and sizes meet the demands of varying rug lovers. So, an area rug is kind of simple and often much smaller than the room size, unlike wall-to-wall carpets that span the entire room. The most popular sizes are 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14 and 12×15. In order to get everything out of your rug, you must use proper rug padding under your area rug. You will only get the luxury benefits of your area rug if you have chosen the best rug padding, so that’s why you need to know the fundamental stages and tips derived from experience and knowledge about how to buy a rug pad. Before getting into that, shall we know the actual benefits of having a rug pad for your area rug?

Rugs undoubtedly add comfort, a luxurious look, and essential protection to your floor. So, why do we need rug padding when rugs protect your floor?

Why does your area rug need a pad?

Hiding underneath the lovely luxurious Oriental, Modern, Synthetic, and every kind of rug discovered around the world, rug padding helps the carpet wear better, it provides a soft cushion to walk on and it keeps the rug from sliding.

Benefits of having a rug pad

Whenever you use a rug pad underneath the rug, it helps to keep your foot stable without sliding, slipping, or moving away. The rug pad helps your rug to stay stable without getting creases from shrinking and crushing. Plus, rug pads are an incredible invention to shield your floors over the long haul from abrasive wear. Keep reading!

Safety for homes

No matter where the rug is set (on carpet or wood, etc.), if a pad is lying underneath, it prevents slipping, sliding, or pulling. This will be very valuable when carpeting wooden or ceramic staircases with beautiful designs but with slippery backings and when there are elders or children in your home.

Protection for the partner

Very important! A pad prevents dye transfer, fading, staining, and scratching onto floors or carpeting underneath. Likewise, a pad prolongs the life of your rug by preventing the fibers from crushing. This pad is a buffer between the hard surface below and the rug above. It absorbs much of the grinding action from footsteps and works to protect against carpet wear.

An always shining back.

A pad allows easy vacuuming and fine sand particles to filter through the carpet rather than collect inside. When your rug is set in a high-traffic area, it usually gets sand particles between the rug and the floor. You are already aware that cleaning or vacuuming rugs isn’t easy, so rug padding can help you reduce cleaning times and make cleaning easy.

These benefits are not easily derived through whatever rug pad you purchase from the market. However, if you are wise enough to buy proper rug padding, all comfort is for yours.

How to buy a rug pad

Get to know how to buy a rug pad for your area rugs.

A rug pad is a layer of fabric between the surface of your flooring and beneath the backing of an area rug or large room-sized carpet. Here we pinpoint the essential tips you must consider when buying your rugs.

Consider the dimensions

The rug pad must be about an inch less than your rug on all four sides. So if your rug size measures 8’x10′, the rug pad size should be 7’10” x9’10”, two inches less on each dimension, equaling one inch overall. Four sides. If you are unsure about the size when you go shopping for the rug, better to buy a few inches larger, and then you can use scissors to make it perfectly fit.

Mind the thickness

The benefits mentioned earlier: prevent slipping, protect the rug, and add comfort. All this depends on the thickness of your rug pad that you are laying beneath your incredible rug. That’s why you need to refer to this type of article that is informative and explains about how to buy a rug pad. Don’t buy to thick of a pad or to slim of a pad. A proper rug pad that offers the shared benefits should be ¼-inch thick. A thick rug pad adds more height which can cause many problems. A ¼-inch rug pad adds the right amount of padding, while a thin rug feels slightly stouter. However, thickness differs from the various styles and types of rug pads on the market. Let’s have a look.

Main types of rug pads

There are three main types of rug pads that you can purchase from the market. They are grip-only, cushioned, and grip-plus-cushioned. So, how do you choose the one you want?

Grip-only pads for outdoor

Grip-only pads are the thinnest style and are great for outdoor use because they don’t absorb moisture. They are also perfect for use in high-traffic areas of your home and where you want your rug to have a lower profile, such as under a door opening. 

Cushion-pad is indoor.

The cushion pad is ideal for indoor use in living rooms and bedrooms where children play and is also great for sound dampening. 

Grip-plus-cushion pads add protection.

That means twice the floor protection and twice the cushioning and support! Plus, grip-plus-cushion pads are exactly where you want to add a plush layer and non-skid protection. 

Consider the shape of your area rug.

You might use a rounded area rug in the middle of your living room. Otherwise, your area rug can be oval. No matter. Most rug pads in the shops are easy to trim to your desired size and shape with regular household scissors. But it’s better to do this with a professional hand or measure the diameter and ask your service provider to give you custom cut padding.

We at Faberrug Co. Inc. have furnished rug lovers in New England with carpeting and padding for generations. Our premium goal is to provide incredible rugs and padding experience for people all over the USA in less time and make people aware of what they buy with informative online blogs so they can achieve their rug goals without hassle. So, keep in touch and visit our showroom or call us for further information about our services.

Every room doesn’t look the same. Colour, size, space, light, and different factors are there. So, there are so many concerns when adding something like decorations to them. Read our previous blogs about them to understand them well. When selecting the best living room rugs, you have to think of those. How valuable your material and the design are, you feel it is worst if the selection is not perfectly fit. So, keep in mind the rug facts when buying. However, the following points also help you buy rugs for the living room.

Importance of the best living room rugs

Your living room is the heart of your home, so show love with the 9×12 rug. If you have more space, try a 10×14 or 12×15 rug. Such a large rug should hold all four legs for your furniture.

Try an 8×10 rug in your seating arrangement and anchor the front leg rug in your seating area for more space.

Is there a small space? We recommend that all front legs rest on the carpet so that your furniture does not feel like it is floating.

Why you need the best living room rugs

However, sometimes you need a rug in the area to cover up the ugly floors, not to let downstairs neighbours hear you walk in, or turn your place into a home without spending a lot of money. We spent more than 60 hours researching rugs in the area, interviewing experts, and testing rugs with panellists, then set our feet on our favourites in our home (and let a cat do its best to destroy them) for many more hours. It’s not that simple when selecting the best living room rugs for these purposes.

Out of the different rugs we have tested, we highly recommend the following that come in various sizes, colours and patterns. We recommend flat woven, low heels and high heels options for different functional purposes and decoration styles. According to the composition, you can consider buying the following types of rugs as you need.


A flatweave rug doesn’t contain knots. So, they are one of the most popular rug types in the history of rugs. They are not only familiar but also extremely comfortable and beautiful. Many people may be unfamiliar with the term “flat woven rug“. Its meaning is self-explanatory based only on the name; a Flatweave means it is flat. Yes, that’s all there is to it; It is skinny and has no piles, allowing it to flatten. Also, these rugs are woven rather than knitted, which is another difference between them and other rugs. These are also among the oldest types of rugs.

High Pile rugs Vs Low Pile rugs

There are two types of rug types according to their interior pile. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Because of their height, the high piles allow the rug to give more than the middle and lower piles – but they are a bit harder to vacuum. To keep tall piles of carpet in the new condition as long as possible, avoid placing them in places with heavy foot traffic.

The high loops on a high pile rug bring a unique cosy aesthetic, so show it off by placing it under furniture pieces with contrasting elements. For example, a dark wooden coffee table on a white top pile carpet will make a sharp difference and bring out the soft texture of the rug.

Low pile rugs are best for rooms with high traffic (living room, dining room)

Because they tend to feel soft and easy to vacuum, low piles of rugs are best for children’s rooms – or any room in a house with children, for that matter. Also, since the fibres are tight and low to the ground, there is no risk of tangling on the loose end.

The fibres of a low pile rug are tight and low to the ground and serve more dynamically than aesthetics, so choose a low pile rug with a fun or unique pattern to avoid mixing with the rest.

Mid pile rugs

When choosing the best rugs for the living room, if you want the luxurious look of a high pile rug and the tight feel of a low pile rug, consider sharing the difference with a middle pile rug. As the name implies, the middle pile rug is the pile between the high and low piles. One of the most popular rug options on the market, the middle rug is tall enough to give a shag look – and thick enough to make it easy to clean.

Choosing the best living room rugs according to the color

Having trouble choosing a rug color? You are not alone. Choosing the right color rug can be incredibly difficult, especially since it is also a significant financial investment that is likely to stay in your home for years to come. A carpet with beautiful patterns can decorate or break a room.

Different spaces require different rug designs and colors. Here is some advice to help support you choosing the best rug for your space.

Decide how you need to feel about the room

An area rug, along with other decors, creates the overall mood of a room. You may want a bedroom to be relaxed and tranquil to promote relaxation, while a recreational space may need more energy and refreshment.

  1. A small space for lighter colors will look great. To make a room feel spacious, consider a combination of pastel shades, white or pale and bright colors.
  2. Silent colors or cool colors like blue, green and purple create a calm atmosphere. Light monochromatic color schemes often work especially well for this purpose.
  3. Bright, vibrant colors evoke a sense of energy. Orange, red or blues can add energy to your space.

Best neutral rugs for living room

We have discussed earlier neutral and beige rugs. However, Whether you are looking to update a living room, dining room or bedroom, neutral rugs can help create a warm, cosy feel that is fresh and up-to-date. Neutral Area Rugs give you a lot of flexibility with color schemes and design options! A new neutral area rug can completely refresh any space in your home.

Modern Boho

In designing this light-filled, bohemian space, every detail, from the patterned pillow to the pumice grass, was considered. These multi-purpose diamond-patterned 8 × 10 neutral rugs will elevate any room, sticking with rich, monochromatic paint while giving us the pleasure of adding depth and elegance to this earthy living room.

Scandi Chic

When choosing the best neutral rugs for the living room, consider this room proof that you can never go wrong with coordinating colors in your area rug. While the homeowner can go with a monochromatic design, the geometric pattern of this neutral living room gives it a good textured effect that adds to the designer’s connection to all of the tassels, fringe and macro.

Plush Moroccan Ornate Rug 

This type is perfect especially if you are drawn to rich art and color. Like the flamboyant canvas print of the creative lodge depicting a woman’s face with bold, expressive strokes, this plush Moroccan-inspired rug has an imperfect linear functionality that is not taken seriously. Meanwhile, the neutral colors of the rugs in this living room help to balance the bright shades of furniture and wallpaper.

Cognac Cool

This is also one of the best living room rugs. Since you can use this under the couch, you should consider the colour of the couch too. The well-known jute rugs are not washable, but our machine washable re-jute rugs make the look of popular fabrics but a game-changer for those who hate the stress of maintaining it. As can be seen here, the cognac is combined with a leather section and a round wood coffee table, while the black and natural brown design of the large neutral area combines nicely with the color plan of the room. Even better, the Re-Jute rug gives the same relaxed, textured feel as a normal jute rug without the feeling of scratches.

Best living room rugs for families

When it comes to choosing area rugs for families with different compositions like families with kids, without kids, with pets and without pets etc., there are different aspects to think about.

When you have children or pets in your home, it can affect some decorating decisions. Can those cushion covers be washed? How easy is it to vacuum that rug? You begin to make decisions under the assumption of leaks and accidents. One of the most considered (or should be) home decor items in this area is the rug.

What makes a rug kid and pet friendly?

There are certain factors that help a rug to qualify as a child or pet-friendly choice. Our top grades in this branch are rugs that are easy to clean, durable and non-toxic. It is worth noting that carpets that meet all three of these criteria can be difficult to find – but it certainly is not impossible! However, we recommend that you select the two top qualities you want in a rug and narrow your search from there.

When you have babies and small children, rugs are often the area where they lie in your home, learning to crawl, playing with toys or reading books. Thus, it is worth considering if you want to prioritize a non-toxic rug material without added chemicals. Most synthetic carpets contain volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that release harmful chemicals into the air.

They will eventually dissolve, but if you do not want that chemical to enter your home, you will require to take care of some of the material. However, some natural materials, such as cotton, are treated with pesticides and chemicals. If this is a concern, look for certified organic cotton and wool.

When hunting for area rugs in the market, you may have seen different types, sizes, and colors. Also, we have talked about selecting the best rugs depending on various aspects. However, here we managed to focus on the value of the beige rugs to to bring beauty to your home.

What are beige rugs? And why are they good?

Typically, they are rugs that are pale brown. Some people don’t desire to buy them because the beige carpet looks stained and spotted. But, these light brown rugs complement many decorations. Add a soft brown carpet to your room to maintain a calm and serene space, or add color with cushions, beads, ruffles and other accessories.

What color goes best with beige rugs?

When embellishing your space, you may be wondering what color rug to use with your light brown bed. Beige’s neutrality means it can go with light or dark colors.

So, thanks to their neutral and aggressive tones, your eyes feel comfortable and they look lovely with both the walls and the ceilings. Also, a tufted beige rug gives a refreshing feel to both the look and the soles of the feet, while a natural fibre beige rug maintains an eco-friendly feel, while a flat woven light brown rug blends in with the current Nordic look. 

Where can you place beige rugs?

They usually fit nicely in front of furniture arranged in a circle, but you can place them halfway under the table legs. Knitted simple light brown rugs provide multifunctional positioning. This solid-color design will work best in rooms where you have patterned furniture.

Beige rugs for living room

Everything should be excellent in the living room since it makes your house’s first impression. However, like the couch, the main furniture should ideally match the beige tone. So, you have to select the best sofa on the market. What else?

Well. If you have already brought your couch, you can spend the time buying a rug. Choosing an area rug for a tan couch will not be difficult since it perfectly matches a dark brown carpet. However, reaching a rug also depends on whether you want a solid neutral shade mixed with light brown or a print with striking multi-color patterns. 

Following are some tips to make it easy for you.

  1. The lovely neutrality of light brown complements to pair with other light neutrals to create a bright, welcoming environment. So, keep it neutral as much as possible.
  2. The couch may balance with the woven, wicker accents, darker cream lamp, mirror frame, and the easy yet stylish braided area rug in a neutral tan.
  3. When you have a lot of space to fill, try a Persian rug or an oriental area rug. Full of intricate but aged details, with yellow, light blue and gold stripes – and you’ll see faint hints of many creams.
  4. Try a blue color mixed one. This style can add grace and the perfect amount of blue – distressed – to cure the severe use of neutral from the rug’s cream base against the couch to the white table and chair.
  5. Gray is also the best beige color, which provides versatile influences for the home decors.

Rug size matters

The brown/beige rug is machine-woven to ensure extra tightness until the last stitch. The soft texture combined with the sleek design of these beige abstract rugs creates a cosy look and blends seamlessly with your home decor to enhance the look of any room.

To find the right rug size, we recommend the following;

Living Room: Make a minimal ” border ‘between the rugs and the walls in your living room.

Dining Room: Choose a size that allows you to pull your chairs out when sitting at the table and still be on the rug. Broadloom can be cut to any size if you decide not to pick a oriental rug.

Bedroom: Depending on the size of your bed and the size of the room, we recommend placing your rug under the bed and falling just in front of your end tables. You want to have enough space to get out of bed and have your feet land on the bed.

Why are beige rugs important for decorating the house?

Add a sense of wonder, interest and charm to your home and fall in love with your space. These vintage rugs will complete one missing piece you have been looking for endlessly.

A light brown living room is one of the most dreamed of luxury items in our homes. Nothing is better than a modern, elegantly faded look that retains its polish for everyday use. With unique designs, craftsmanship and styles of clothing that have been used for generations, beige rugs for the living room are far more than just your traditional home decor, depending on your space. Also, abstract rugs are soft, durable and stain-resistant. You can decide if your looking for basic tones and a simple stylish rug or something more extravagant and make a statement.

How to place the vintage-inspired rug

However, there are things that should be considered, especially when placing these types of rugs in your home. 

Remove the old one

If you have a rug or have another floor already installed, you will need to remove it before installing a new one. Some installers will provide this service for you, but again, for a small fee. Read our blog about the top methods on how to dispose of them for more information on proper rug removal and disposal. If you are removing it yourself, you should follow those steps in the previous blog.

Find it yourself

When you buy a beige rug, it is important to do some background research. For example, you may want to know what type of vacuum is recommended to use and how often you should use it. Beige rugs and grey light brown rugs are usually light in color, so wine spills or even nose bleeds can easily stain and can be incredibly tricky to remove. For this reason alone, look for the best ways how to clean your carpet to enhance its aesthetics and durability.

Air the room

Ventilation is key when installing new ones. Excess dust and fibres are floating around, which can adversely affect the quality of indoor air. Therefore, it is important to keep windows open for as long as you can during the installation process. If you have an AC unit, it is advisable to turn it on to help further airflow.

We have discussed different types of rugs in our recent blogs. However, it will be better to remind them again briefly since we need to consult the beautiful topic, Should a rug be lighter or darker than couch? 

A brief explanation about parts of a rug before discussing Should a rug be lighter or darker than couch? 

When choosing a rug, we should be concerned about the size, color, shape, and age. These rugs have different names, such as area rugs, carpets, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, etc. However, every rug consists of a few parts as follows.

  1. Field:- The central portion of a rug
  2. Medallion:- The middle part of a rug(optional)
  3. Corners:- Where the central field ends.
  4. Borders:- The outermost portion of a rug

There are different types of fields, borders, and corners too. But, it is not worth talking about here since we are discussing a different topic. However, knowing about the parts of rugs will be worthier when studying this topic further.

However, I introduced the parts briefly since you need to think about the color of the different parts of the rug when selecting it.

Common things to concern when choosing a rug color

Yeah, out of the different concerns mentioned above, color is the essential part of choosing a rug for anywhere. If you are wondering how to choose a rug color, you will have to consider the following aspects when buying a rug to pitch the right look.

Decide on a vibe

According to the prefered vibe you need, select the medallion style and the field, whether it can be modern, traditional, dark, or something else. It is your taste. The border will also match then. I can recommend you to search on Pinterest by your desired style name+rugs. Go through the results and sharpen your desire.

Texture too affects the color

Focus on the quality and the material.

Look at the colors and the patterns in your space.

Well, if you need to match your new rug perfectly with your space, be keen to study the colors, light, and patterns in your space. When it comes to selecting rugs for your living room, where many people and your guests first visit and are impressed, the procedure is complicated. If you were looking for an answer to Should a rug be lighter or darker than couch? It may be better if you proceed forward through the article.

Consider your lifestyle

If your home’s entryways, rooms, kitchen, and everywhere is too busy, you can find it hard to clean. As well as, you definitely need a durable material. So, consider that.

Should a rug be lighter or darker than couch?

The rug under couch can be lighter or darker depending on your personal and design preferences. Dark sofas are usually chosen for light rugs and light sofas for dark rugs. If you have a light sofa, a dark rug can provide amazing contrast and vice versa. So, choose a couch that fits the rug or a rug that matches your sofa. You can separate the two with a different carpet.

Whether you want your room to be more open and airy, light colored carpets create this effect. You can feel small and cosy on a dark carpet. If you do not plan to paint your walls, you should consider the color of your existing wall when choosing your rug.

Simply, it doesn’t matter whether the rug is light in color or dark. However, based on the experiences and the light theories by architecture and interior designers, there are few rug under couch rules.


If you do not have a monochrome house, look for at least 2 colours which differ depending on your personal and design preferences. Dark sofas are usually chosen for soft rugs and light sofas for dark carpets. If you have a light carpet, a dark sofa can provide a striking contrast and vice versa.

For instance, think about taking a black and white photo near your rug and bed. On a grayscale, you need to change the colors significantly. At the same time, if you choose a multi-color rug, you should match the secondary or tertiary colors to your bed or other large furniture or accessories. This allows for a small change while the items are still flowing together.

What Color rug goes with a GREY Sofa?

What color rug goes with the GRAY sofa? Gray is a multi-purpose color that works well as a base layer for various area rugs. If you want to be bolder and bolder, neutral colors like white, cream and light brown are similar to warm colors like orange or bright red or blue.

When paired with a white sofa or light grey chair, a beige carpet can be balanced and invigorating – and a testament to the fact that neutral things are not dull. Neutral and earthy, a nice grey rug can emit cool undertones for a light atmosphere and a balanced overall color scheme. So, consider the following points when selecting a colorful rug for the couch.

Rugs with Monochromatic tones

The monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base color and are extended using its shade.

Should the rug definitely match the couch?

Well. According to the rug under couch rules, exactly not. However, to tie the room’s look together, you will want to choose a rug that complements the two or three primary colors of the room. Make sure a solid-color rug complements the color of your sofa and matches the accent colors in the room, like a work of art or pot.

However, in ample open-plan space, both sofas should sit under the front legs – or if you have a large rug, both sofas can sit perfectly on the rug. If you also have chairs in space, the chair’s front legs should touch or “sprout” on the rug.

Rugs are an essential element as a decor and a part of the floor. Of course, they provide many services to every home, office, and business place. However, the architecture or the interior designer should have great taste when choosing the correct rug to enhance the look of your residence. Not only on the decorating purpose, but there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing rugs since there is vast diversity among rugs, and there are many different types of rugs around the world.


  1. Focus viewers’ eyes on a specific part of a room, office, or hotel.
  2. Protect your floors.
  3. Cushion footsteps.
  4. Provide a cosy place to sit or lounge.

We have discussed those in our previous blogs. However, we thought it would be better if we provided more information and references to make you feel comfortable about decorating. So, you will be able to have a clear idea about the rugs and how to use them properly for your purposes after reading this article. 

A large number of materials and designs can confuse you. It also helps to remember the different carpeting requirements for each room in your home. This accessible guide tries to clear the air and makes finding the correct types of rugs a little easier.

Choosing the Right Material Out of Different Types of Rugs

Different types of natural and synthetic materials are the main focus when making rugs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some can wear and tear better than others, feel more comfortable, or are more sustainable and ethical. The material you choose will eventually fall into personal preferences (and budget). Common materials used to make rugs are wool, silk, cotton, natural grass, animal skins and synthetic yarn. Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Wool Rugs

Wool is one of the most famous rug materials and is needed for the ability to bring warmth and home comfort to a carpet made of wool. Fur eco-friendly and sustainable, it is harvested from sheep in the summer and grows naturally year after year.

Out of different types of rugs, wool rugs are the most durable ones. These rugs may last up to 100 years or more. The fibers are remarkably durable and retain their shape when stretched. They are stained and water-resistant, gratitude to the natural lanolin that overlays the surface of the fibers. In addition, the fire-retardant properties of wool make it safe to use at home. Overall, wool rugs decorate a room and are an excellent floor covering that is soft to walk on and sit on.

2. Silk Rugs

No doubt, luxurious types of rugs are silk rugs. The smooth texture and elegant brilliance of silk make it ideal for creating works of art and intricate decorative items. Less dense than wool, silk rugs require more than an inch of knitting and take longer to complete. Silk rugs are known for displaying intricate patterns, and as the natural fibers retain dyes well, the colors fade beautifully as the rug ages. Silk has been the main material for crafting Persian rugs and Oriental rugs since ancient times.

However, when we compare silk rugs with other types, mainly wool rugs, silk rugs have extremely low durability. They are incredibly delicate and can quickly lose their shape if mishandled or stored poorly. It is not surprising that silk rugs are a significant investment at great prices if you are shopping for a carpet. They also require specialised professional cleaning and maintenance, which increases costs. In your study, it is best to keep a silk rug or display it as a wall expression that does not fit into congested areas.

3. Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are incredible in kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and halls. They are the most versatile rugs that come in countless variations, weaves, colors and designs. As the most affordable rug to buy, they make it easy for you to instantly transform the look of any room without breaking the bank.

Cotton rugs are also a practical option if you are looking for low maintenance and easy to clean carpet. All they need is a regular vacuum, and they are machine washable. Depending on how you handle the care of it, you can expect your cotton rug to last for years; however, it will show wear much faster than a rug made of a more elastic material such as wool.

4. Rugs made of Natural Grasses

Sounds a little weird all of a sudden? But they really exist. In this rug world which brings you different types of rugs with the times, grass rugs are one of the ancient ones. You can leave it. Okay, don’t care. But there is something you can not forget, something you can not ignore. You must admit that Natural Grass rugs are the most durable and the most beautiful types so far. They are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, as well as floor friendly. So, they are a sustainable choice.

Fast-growing plant fibres are the raw materials for these rug productions. Also, some famous alternatives like jute, bamboo, sisal, seagrass, and hemp are better. The users may love their impressive warm, neutral look. The grass carpet delivers the rooms with a rustic, casual style. By design, they work well in any room with heavy foot traffic.

You should be aware of liquid leaks to prevent permanent stains as the material tends to absorb leaks. The disadvantage of grass carpets is that they can be rough and provide small cushions, so they are not appropriate for seating for long periods.

5. Different Types of Rugs Made Using Animal Hides

Sometimes animal hides that are used to make rugs are a by-product of the worldwide food industry. Sheepskin rugs, cowhide rugs, exotic rugs, and Reindeer rugs are the most popular animal hide rugs. Let’s see in-detailed facts about them separately.

Cowhide Rugs

Brazilian tanners use conventional methods to treat and soften cowhides, resulting in beautiful, flexible, long-lasting rugs without any shedding or odour. Make your room cosy with our cowhide rugs suitable for use as wall hangings. There are different types of Cowhide rugs. For instance, Black and White Cowhide rug, Speckled Cowhide rug, Calf Skin Cow rugs, and many more. However, most of these are ideal for both minimalist and modern home decors. Cowhide exudes a monochromatic chic and boldly makes a great statement when family and friends visit.

Sheepskin Rugs

Today, interior designers have a wave of vision that favours combining functionality and aesthetic appeal in more than one. Sheepskin rugs are different from other carpets on the market in terms of their texture because of the furry feel that makes them feel comfortable. Stepping on sheepskin rugs proves to be convincing, and many say that the look and feel are similar to stepping on clouds. Sheepskin rugs never go out of style – they add a touch of elegance to a bedroom or addition to a living room or hall. Suitable for use as rugs, throwing or hanging, high-quality sheepskin rugs are sustainably obtained worldwide.

Exotic Rugs

Add an extraordinary touch to your home with stunning exotic hidden rugs, including beautifully smooth goat leather, luxurious soft blush and stunning Springbok. Perfect even for the most compact room, exotic hides come in a variety of sizes and colors, bringing a warm and inviting style to any interior.

Reindeer Rugs

A popular one among alternative types of rugs. This Reindeer Rug is an excellent alternative to cowhide rugs. If you cannot afford a Cowhide rug or if it is not available, a Reindeer rug will be a great choice. Some people settle for Reindeer Rugs because they need a different design to complement their favourite animal skin. Resistance to stiffness and staining causes cowhides to be at the top of the carpet charts. If you’ve settled for a Reindeer rug as a last resort, do not think that you will not enjoy the full benefits of any other rug you like. Of course, be proud of your Reindeer rugs as many benefits are often overlooked over alternative animal skin rugs.

Types of Rugs According to the Construction Method

In the past, every rug was hand-knotted by skilled artists. and gradually people invented different techniques according to the resources they have and the inherited culture. Often, carpet weaving differs in style. But you may not know what rug-making method is used for a particular carpet product. Here are the basic ways of rug making in the modern world.

Hand Knotted Types of Rugs

Hand-knotting is the slowest and most expensive method of carpet making. It is one of the oldest methods of making carpets and is more than 2000 years old. It can take months to years to make a rug using this technique. A specially designed machine for hand tying is required. The manufacturing process involves tying the vertical threads or warp to the fabric and then tying them with the horizontal threads. Craftsmen begin to tie around the knitting and continue to make the entire carpet. Patterns are made on rugs by various tying techniques. Persian and Tibetan styles are the two main knot designs.

Hand-Hooked Rugs

On the loom frame, the threads are stretched. The desired pattern is stencilled on the surface of this thread. The weaver uses a tool with a hook-shaped needle. Pull the thread to create loops on the Artisan frame. This creates a pattern on the carpet. A series of such looped structures complete the carpet piles. The final touch to the carpet is provided by the addition of a backing.

Hand-Tuffed Rugs

Once the artist has stretched the thread on the frame, he or she uses a gun-shaped tufting tool to tie hooks around the rows of thread. These carpets have piles of cuts. These look good and are durable. The rug frame tufts can also be drawn with a needle tool. Cutting and edging are the final touches to the carpet.

Loomed Rugs

Among the different types of rugs according to their production method, loomed rugs are one of the coziest parts. They provide an extra-ordinary comfort to your feet . However, they are machine-made. Modern loomed carpets can be made entirely by machinery. This means that craftsmen do not have to make knots, tufts or hooks on the frame by hand. The thread frame is stretched over the fabric. To make these carpets, the technician only has to mechanically operate a needle and tools.

Everything about carpet backing

Color, texture, type. Things to always consider when buying your carpet. But if you roll it, you’ll find something else substantial – backing up. So what is carpet backing? The underside of a rug is also known as the backing. It protects the tufts and gives the carpet extra strength and dimensional stability as well as there are so many advantages of rugs with rubber backing. Let’s discuss everything about them before buying a carpet next time. Not all rugs and carpet have a rubber backing. By adding a pad to pieces without you are adding this feature for comfort and protection.

Most carpets have dual backing.

  1. The primary backing – the thread tufting point.
  2. The secondary backing – is the outer material. 

You will also hear the term “unitary backing”, a heavy coating applied directly to the back of the carpet without using a secondary backing.

Depending on the performance requirements, carpet backing can be made from various materials (jute, polypropylene, rubber, etc.). Several additional treatments can be applied, including anti-stain, anti-microbial anti-static. Performance becomes more and more important when you analyze the type of environment in which the carpet is installed.

Consider the level of traffic the product meets your performance expectations, whether wear and tear is a factor and if moisture resistance and stain resistance are essential. Carpet backing is generally available in three types: standard, performance and high performance.

Standard backing: 

This is the lowest level and is often used on carpets for residential applications. These backed products can be used commercially, but wrinkling or binding is possible if used in congested areas. This backup cannot be used in overcrowded commercial facilities.

Usually made from natural jute fibres or artificial polypropylene (it is a synthetic thermoplastic resin)

Performance Backing: 

This backing represents a high level of backing and provides more excellent dimensional stability and strength than standard backing. It is designed for commercial environments.

High-Performance Backing:

This backing is generally unitary. It is designed to provide long-lasting durability and helps protect carpets from stains, leaks and moisture. This support is requested for commercial environments.

What are the rugs with rubber backing?

The material that sticks to the back of a rug is called the rug backing. In the rugs with rubber backing, this material is rubber. The material of the back of a rug is important for several reasons. The carpet should breathe to help air and moisture pass through the rug. Without proper carpet support, a rug can become susceptible to mildew, mould, and wear, and some rugs can even damage the floor. The most common types of rug support are heat kits, woven, felt and rubber latex.

Rugs with rubber backing are a great solution to any dangers in your home. You can find these rugs in diversified sizes – from small walk-ins to the door to the large living room.

Everything about Rugs with rubber backing

They do not provide much cushioning, and they have a great grip on the floor. Therefore, they eliminate rug movement that can cause them to slip.

Following are the main rugs with rubber backing on the market:

  1. Carpets with natural rubber backing
  2. Synthetic rubber-backed carpets
  3.  Rubber latex carpet

Discover the difference between natural, synthetic and latex rugs with rubber backing, and look at how different rubber-backed carpets are made. Finally, let’s find out how this pairs with different types of flats. So, you can choose the perfect rubber backing next time.

Carpets with natural rubber backing

Carpets with natural rubber backing are made from 100% organic rubber latex extracted from rubber trees.

The main feature of natural rubber is its tensile strength – its capability to stretch. Organic rubber has higher tensile strength than its rubber latex or synthetic counterparts.

Moreover, it passes naturally (albeit faster than synthetic rubber) without releasing harmful toxins.

The advantages of using carpets with organic rubber backing include:

The quality of breathing air in your home is free from harmful toxins. Organic rubber-backed rugs are eco-friendly and do not emit gases – unlike synthetic or rubber latex rugs.

It is safe for the floor. It does not contain chemicals that react with your floor to cause stains or scratches, and natural rubber absorbs the floor instead of sticking to it. Therefore, when you remove the rug from the area, it will not tear the floor surface.

Synthetic rubber-backed rugs

A rug with a synthetic rubber backing is made of natural rubber treated with a chemical.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the binding chemicals used in manufacturing.

The inclusion of chemicals in the manufacturing process has some benefits for synthetic rubber-backed carpets:

Has high resistance to wear, oxygen exposure and high-temperature conditions.

Available in more versatile options compared to natural rubber. You can find it in different colors and types.

However, synthetic rubber-backed carpets have some disadvantages – the use of chemicals in the bonding process is linked to:

  1. They remove gas and fill your home with toxins. Therefore, it is best to use them as an outdoor rugs.
  2. Instead of dressing naturally, they decay over time. This will release the crusts on them as shown below and discolour your floors.

Rubber latex carpet

Rubber latex is a synthetic liquid form of rubber classified as a polymer. A polymer is a product that can return to its original shape after elongation.

The main difference between latex and natural rubber is their source. Natural rubber is gathered from the rubber tree alone, and rubber latex produces rubber latex from about 20,000 species.

A rug with a rubber latex support is non-slip and water-resistant. Thus, it catches the ground and prevents water damage.

However, rubber latex has two major disadvantages:
  1. It can not breathe. Thus, rubber latex carpets trap large amounts of moisture between the carpet and the floor, which then causes moisture and discoloration.
  2. The rubber sticks to the floor. The latter is sticky dirt that stays on the laminate or vinyl and is difficult to remove because you run the risk of scratching. Always clean the floor before putting down a new carpet and make sure it dries properly before spreading your rubber pad or rubber backed carpet.

Do rugs with rubber backing ruin your expensive floors?

Rugs with synthetic rubber backing are not suitable for your expensive floors. But natural rubber is a safer option.

Reasons why you need rubber backed carpet for your hardwood floor

Their durability

With rubber-backed rugs on solid wood floors, rug pads can guarantee you a long service life. This is because natural rubber pads can withstand high temperatures without wrinkles.


Your feet are happy with the comfort. The back of the latex rug is soft and comfortable on the feet. Also, because of their softness, they are perfect for a variety of rugs and yarns.

They protect the hardwood

With every carpet support, the rubber latex backing ensures that your wooden floor is safe and protected from scratches.

Further, rubber latex mats do not stain quickly. Rubber does not retain stains and is water-resistant. So, if you still have small children, you are sure that they will leak water and cause stains around the house.

How to select the best rugs with rubber backing?

Consider the Tuft Bind Properties of the Rug:

A wooden floor is slippery and can sometimes be a problem when laying a carpet. With a large tufted-binding rug, the threads are woven close together intricately, ensuring that this carpet holds firmly to the floor.

Consider the Weight of the Rug:

Large rugs are awesome. If they are drivers, they look great. But be sure not to buy mats with very large rubber backs. Larger rubber-backed carpets require more rubber pads for proper insulation. Obtaining a rubber pad is an additional expense for you.

How it glues the floor:

For those who like to stick their rugs to the floor, check that the glue under the back of the carpet holds up properly and for a long time. If you get a rug with thin rubber support, you will often have to remove the carpet when the foot traffic increases.

Look for Easy Clean:

Your carpet will sometimes get stains that you can not clean on the spot. You need to take the carpet out to clean it. Find out if you can take out carpets that are not too heavy quickly or call a professional who can come clean it at your house.

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