The Joy of Decorating with a Bright Oriental Rug

The Joy of Decorating with a Bright Oriental Rug

The Joy of Decorating with a Bright Oriental Rug


Welcome to the wonderful world of Oriental rugs, where vibrant colors and intricate designs breathe life into your spaces. At Faber Rug Co., we have been curating high-quality rugs since 1954, and we’re here to help you understand their allure. In this article, we’re focusing on bright Oriental rugs – a stunning blend of craftsmanship and beauty that can transform any room.

Bright Oriental rugs are more than just floor coverings. They’re statement pieces that express your unique style while adding warmth and richness to your decor. These rugs carry centuries-old traditions within their hand-knotted patterns, making them a timeless investment. Whether you’re adorning your living room or adding a splash of color to your study, bright Oriental rugs are perfect for creating a focal point.

As we venture into this fascinating topic, we’ll explore why these rugs are an excellent choice, where to place them for maximum impact, and how to care for them. With the right guidance, selecting the right Oriental rug can be an exciting journey. So, let’s get started and dive into the colorful world of Oriental rugs!

Bright Oriental Rug

Why Choose a Bright Oriental Rug?

First, let’s discuss why you might opt for a bright oriental rug. Their charm lies not just in their lively hues, but also in the stories they tell through intricate patterns and designs. They offer an immediate way to brighten up a space, create a focal point, and express your personal style.

The Power of Colors

Why should you choose a bright oriental rug? To start with, colors play a crucial role in our living spaces. They not only influence the mood but also reflect our personalities. For example, vibrant colors like red, blue, or yellow can infuse energy into a room, creating a lively atmosphere.

Bright oriental rugs, filled with a rich array of colors, do this excellently. They provide an instant uplift, setting a positive tone for your space. It’s this combination of color and pattern that makes these rugs uniquely captivating.

Patterns and Designs that Tell Stories

Next, the allure of bright oriental rugs lies in their intricate patterns and designs. Each rug is a canvas depicting tales of the past. Whether it’s a story of ancient traditions or a symbol of cultural heritage, these rugs carry meaning in every thread.

This narrative element adds a depth of character to your space. It also sparks conversations, making these rugs not just decor pieces but conversation starters.

Quality and Durability

Finally, the quality and durability of bright oriental rugs are noteworthy. These rugs are hand-woven by skilled artisans, using techniques passed down through generations. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure these rugs stand the test of time, retaining their vibrancy and charm over years.


In terms of versatility, bright oriental rugs are a win. Their various designs and color palettes fit seamlessly with different decor styles. Be it a minimalist modern setting, a cozy rustic space, or an opulent traditional decor, there’s a bright oriental rug that can enhance it.

A Bright Investment

Seeing the bright oriental rug as an investment is wise. These rugs offer both aesthetic and functional value, making them an excellent addition to your home. Plus, a well-maintained rug can appreciate over time, offering financial value too.

In conclusion, a bright oriental rug is a delightful mix of color, culture, and craft. The vibrancy it brings, along with the richness of history and the assurance of quality, make it a compelling choice. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of brilliance to your home, a bright oriental rug could be the answer. Remember, your perfect rug is waiting for you at Faber Rug Co. Let us help you find it!

Where to Place Your Bright Oriental Rug?

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Firstly, let’s explore the most popular destination for a bright oriental rug – the living room. By placing your rug here, you instantly create a focal point. The vibrant hues of the rug add a pop of color, making your space lively and welcoming.

Enliven Your Bedroom

Bedrooms can also benefit from a bright oriental rug. If you have neutral tones in your room, the rug can provide a contrasting splash of color. This can make your bedroom feel warm and inviting, creating a perfect cozy retreat.

Make a Statement in Your Dining Room

You may not think of the dining room as an obvious spot for a bright oriental rug, but it can be a game-changer. A colorful rug under your dining table can make meal times more pleasurable, creating a vibrant dining experience.

A Warm Welcome in the Entryway

Placing a bright oriental rug in your entryway is like rolling out a colorful welcome mat. It sets the tone for the rest of your home, giving your guests a hint of your vibrant personality as soon as they walk in.

Color in the Office

Even your home office could use a dash of color. A bright oriental rug under your desk can make your work area more engaging, possibly sparking creativity and improving your mood.

Care and Positioning

No matter where you place your rug, remember to consider the size of the room, the furniture arrangement, and the rug’s orientation. Always position your rug to enhance the room’s symmetry and balance. Also, provide it with the necessary care to maintain its brightness and beauty.

To conclude, a bright oriental rug can find a place in almost any room of your home. Wherever you decide to place it, it’s sure to add color, comfort, and character. We at Faber Rug Co. are here to help you find the perfect rug for your perfect spot. So go ahead, explore the charm of bright oriental rugs and brighten up your home today!

Bright Oriental Rug

Caring for Your Bright Oriental Rug

As with any valuable item, a bright oriental rug requires care to maintain its luster. Regular vacuuming is key, and be sure to tackle any spills quickly to prevent staining. For deep cleaning, we recommend seeking professional help, ensuring your rug’s longevity.

Regular Cleaning for Longevity

A bright Oriental rug is a visual delight, but to keep it that way, you’ll need to clean it regularly. Begin with weekly vacuuming to remove surface dirt and dust. Be gentle and avoid the fringes, as they can easily get damaged.

Spot Cleaning for Spills and Stains

Despite your best efforts, spills can happen. When they do, quick action is key. Blot the spill immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t rub, as this can push the spill deeper into the rug fibers. For stubborn stains, consider a gentle rug cleaner, but always test it on a hidden spot first.

Professional Cleaning for a Deeper Clean

Despite regular cleaning, your rug will need a professional deep clean every 12-18 months. This will help remove deep-seated dirt and refresh the rug’s colors. Remember to choose a professional with experience in dealing with Oriental rugs.

Rotating for Even Wear

To maintain the vibrancy of your rug, rotate it every six months. This will ensure even wear, preventing certain areas from fading or wearing out faster than others.

Padding for Protection

A quality rug pad is a good investment. It provides a buffer between your rug and the floor, helping to prevent wear and tear. It also adds extra cushioning for comfort and keeps the rug in place, preventing slips.

Handling Sun Exposure

While your bright rug loves to shine, direct sunlight can cause it to fade over time. Try to position your rug out of direct sunlight, or use window treatments to filter the light.

In conclusion, while a bright Oriental rug can be the star of your room, it does require some care to maintain its charm. By following these steps, you can ensure that your rug stays bright and beautiful for years to come. At Faber Rug Co., we’re always here to guide you in caring for your precious rug. Remember, a well-cared-for rug is a rug that continues to bring warmth, comfort, and beauty to your home.

Conclusion: The Magic of Bright Oriental Rugs

Bright Oriental rugs are a feast for the eyes, bringing an explosion of color and intricate design into any room. The way they instantly transform a space is truly magical, adding warmth, texture, and a dash of exotic appeal. They are timeless pieces of art that tell a story, each knot and dye bearing the mark of a rich, centuries-old tradition.

From choosing the right rug to deciding its placement, every step plays a crucial role. An Oriental rug should be more than a mere addition; it should blend with your décor and reflect your personal style. Place it where it can command attention, and where its colors can complement your interiors.

Quality and longevity are synonymous with Oriental rugs. They are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and age-old techniques. This craftsmanship ensures they can withstand daily wear and tear and, with proper care, last for generations.

Maintaining your rug’s vibrancy demands regular cleaning and periodic professional attention. Quick action on spills, protection from direct sunlight, and using a rug pad, all contribute to its longevity. With the right care, the brightness of your rug will continue to illuminate your space for years.

At Faber Rug Co., we’ve been assisting homeowners in discovering the magic of bright Oriental rugs since 1954. Our experience, expertise, and passion for these beautiful pieces ensure we can guide you on your journey towards finding the perfect rug.

In conclusion, the magic of bright Oriental rugs is undeniable. They captivate, charm, and bring an elevated sense of style to any space. They’re not just a purchase; they are an investment in beauty and quality that will continue to pay dividends in the form of visual appeal and comfort. Remember, your dream home is just one bright Oriental rug away!

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