Best Wool Rugs 101: The Essential Guide

Best Wool Rugs 101: The Essential Guide

Best Wool Rugs 101: The Essential Guide

Wool Rugs/ Carpets are simply the perfect decision for a perfect living room! After all, it’s not a secret about how the best wool rug or carpet for a living room comes down not only to a homeowner’s personal preference but fiber, color, durability, and the ease of cleaning any sort of stains.

Best Wool Rugs 101: The Essential Guide

The living room is the one spot that brings all the family members together, more like a social hub of a home. Hence, this makes it clear as to why choosing a wool carpet or best wool rugs for living rooms is one of the wisest decisions regarding the flooring. A living room’s floor is undoubtedly where many interesting things take place, it is where members sit and have a chat and or play, babies scoot across and take multiple falls while learning to walk while teenagers sprawl all across the living room floor watching a movie and more!

Importance of Choosing The Best Wool Rugs:

Wool is a sturdy natural fiber. For this reason, the best wool rugs are a wee bit expensive than the rest of the rug materials in the market. Further, what makes wool the best material is the fact that it lasts for decades IF the rugs are made of genuine wool and not A-grade, and if you treat it with the best care. Wool rugs also keep their color and pattern for a very long time all the while maintaining a softer and more plush texture no matter how long you have been using it. Here are some of the best reasons why choosing wool rugs for the living room is important:

  • Antimicrobial, the best benefit of Wool Rugs:

Since wool is a material that’s taken from sheep, it is purely natural and non-toxic! Besides being natural and non-toxic, it is antimicrobial – it cleans itself! It kills the growth of microorganisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, or mites growing on them, wool rugs. This in return also prevents the wool from resisting odors and keeping the whole living room smelling fresh!

  • Flame Resistant:

Wool naturally has high levels of nitrogen and water content. This further makes wool rugs flame-resistant! Now wouldn’t you have one less problem having a flame-resistant wool rug on your living room’s flooring? Think about it.

  •  Price-Worthy & Environment Friendly:

Shearing a sheep is a necessary process because excess wool can impede a sheep’s ability to regulate its temperature. causing overheating. Besides, it can also trap urine and feces of the sheep attracting pests. Hence, shearing doesn’t hurt the sheep but is a compassionate practice resulting in an environment-friendly product. Now, we clearly mention price-worthy for wool rugs because of its lengthy process – After shearing, wool must be washed, sorted, carded, combed, spun, formed into yarn, and dyed before it can be woven into a rug.

  •  Easier to Clean:

One of the best features of wool rugs! Due to the already existing natural waxy coating on the outside, liquids will be slow to absorb in woolen rugs. This means, if something spills, you can easily dab and soak up any spills before it soaks into your wool rugs. However, even if you find a spill that’s dried on your wool rugs, you can easily wipe it off using soap and water. This stain-resistant quality of wool rugs hence makes it very convenient for households with kids and pets!

Best Wool Rugs ~ Knowledge Related To Cleaning Wool Carpets:

Once you have taken the decision of choosing one of the most suitable wool carpets / best wool rugs for your living room as per your personal preference and budget, comes the concept of knowing how you should clean the wool carpets. Here’s a list of ways you can clean your wool rugs:

  • Wool Rugs ~ Vacuum:

This is one of the best ways to clean wool rugs! Vacuum them at least three times at a stretch. This helps to clean the wool rugs without inflicting any damages to the fiber. The good news is that wool rugs have tiny air pockets where dirt hides.  Therefore, your rug will look cleaner for a long period of time. However, in order to live a healthy living, you need to vacuum your wool rugs twice a month.

  • Wool Rugs ~ Shake It Out:

Besides vacuuming the rug twice a month, you can shake it out the other times you feel like your wool carpets need a cleaning! All you have got to do is shake the rug out for 30 seconds to 1 minute and all the dirt will come out like a charm.

  • Wool Rugs ~ Give it a Beating:

This is for the ones who want to go the extra mile with shaking the wool rugs out.  This is the method used before vacuum cleaners were invented, however, the method survived as people realized there was less and less wool on their rugs every day after using beater bar vacuum cleaners. This method removes the dirt without pulling out the fibers from the wool rugs. We must warn you that this method is a tad bit tedious but if you’re up for a good workout and not having to spend on professional cleaning, you’re all set to go!

  • Wool Rugs ~ Steam Cleaning:

This is the last method you should consider compulsorily by a professional wool carpets cleaner. In order to keep the wool rugs at their best version for decades, you should steam clean every 12 to 18 months. Steam cleaning your wool rugs too often can damage the fibers and take years off its life, hence, you need to be very careful with this method.

Although wool carpets are quite expensive, their benefits outweigh almost all of their other alternatives’ benefits and drawbacks. As long as your wool rugs and wool carpets are made of genuine wool, you have simply got to follow the above-mentioned steps to conserve their quality and durability.

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