Design Your Own Custom Rug with Faber Rug

Design Your Own Custom Rug with Faber Rug

Design Your Own Custom Rug with Faber Rug

Although there are thousands of different rug styles in the shop, a person, business, corporation, or anyone else may need a completely different type of rug to lay on their floor. It may include several unique ideas of a person or some people. On such occasions, Faber Rug has custom rugs are exactly what you can think of. There will be many reasons why they need that kind of rug for their place. We have understood and explained them below to let our customers know, we will be with you on the following necessities.

Why a person or a business needs to buy custom rugs?

There is no wonder that a rug allows you to update and easily transform floors and interiors. Professional interior designers had always been incorporating rugs to magically transform your living spaces. Interior designers often start their design projects by considering in-room furniture along with the type of rugs that they can lay on the floor to enhance aesthetics.

Custom-made rugs give the buyer more options for modification than ready rugs. Some of the major reasons people buy custom-made rugs are;

  • Unique design pattern
  • Get the exact size as required
  • Flexibility to choose the perfect material according to traffic


When it comes to creating a unique interior design that is personalized to drive the feeling, identity, and idea you need, you must need custom carpets. In that case, Faber Rug provides you the freedom to choose the design, colors, patterns, and materials that match your taste and complement your existing decor. This level of personalization helps create a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

Perfect Fit

No wonder a custom-made rug perfectly fits your space because the rug is weaved according to the size and shape of the space. So you can ensure that it fits perfectly within the dimensions of your room. If you have an unusually shaped room or specific areas you want to cover, a custom rug can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements. This helps create a polished and well-proportioned look.

Design Flexibility

Creating a custom rug has no boundaries. With unlimited design possibilities with various patterns, textures, and colors you can bring your creative vision to life. You have the freedom to experiment with them to achieve the desired aesthetic. This ensures a high-quality output that satisfies you, your business’ marketing purposes, and your customers in many ways.

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Why your business needs a custom logo rug?

Based on the above features of a custom rug, you can see a business or a person can print their unique image on the rug with any kind of design. It is an amazing opportunity for businesses for branding purposes. Making customers recognize your brand with colors, logos, and other materials is an important part when it comes to branding. Especially, you can let your walk-in customers see your logo in your hotel, shop, outlets, or anywhere that makes them remember the logo and colors when they see it among your competitors they can easily recognize you since they know the logo well. So, creating a custom rug with your logo is a great idea to build a strong brand. Along with them, the following are some of the other factors to have a custom logo rug in your space.

why you need to buy custom rugs

Custom rugs with logos make your business looks professional

Looking professional in business is more an art than a science. There’s only one solution to looking like you’re deserving of someone’s time, but there are some broad strokes solutions that tend to help. This is again where custom rugs shine. Rugs can work as a subtle complement to space. At the same time helping to nail down your logo in visitors’ minds.

Branded custom rugs with logos and brand colors can also create a sense of professionalism in the visitors. They show a company has invested in specialized furnishings, which can give off an aura of prestige.

Custom rugs provide a cozy atmosphere

While custom rugs help your brand to shine and derive professionalism, they are practical too. This means like all rugs, you can buy custom rugs that soften the hard floors, make the space soundproof with quieter footsteps, and much more to satisfy your customers.

Easily buy custom rugs with Faber Rug

We have made the process of creating a custom rug for a person or business more user-friendly. The process only includes 4 steps that don’t disturb your busy schedule. Following are those steps.

Step 1.

Submit a sketch with your design and colors.

Choose your exact color match by selecting from our color bank.

Faber’s can assist with your design, creating it from your fabric,

wallpaper, or photograph.

Step 2.

A sample, or strike-off, is created.

Step 3.

Approve your design/colors.

Step 4.

Complete your order.

By clicking here you can visit our custom rug page and see more information. Also, you can contact us anytime for more details.

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Offers for rug purchasing from Faber rug

What is special at Faber Rug for custom rugs?

Carpet construction includes a wide range of variations in many things including different kinds of fibers, colors, and textures. There are many factors of each one that helps for high-quality output. When it comes to creating a custom rug, only a reliable service provider may give you a premium output. Also, the service provider must have good connections with rug weavers for a better output that satisfies buyers. Faber Rug provides high-quality carpeting in New England, USA over the generations and we have been dealing with worldwide rug weavers for a long time. So, the direct relationship with them has built their loyalty in providing high-quality service for us and our customers. It ensures 100% quality output and we are responsible for your order. Also, we provide installation services for every custom carpet you buy from us and when we are installing, we will do everything including moving your furniture. Hurry Up! Contact us and place your order soon and take your business to the next level.

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