Cleaning a Rug: Best Money-Saving Tips

Cleaning a Rug: Best Money-Saving Tips

Cleaning a Rug: Best Money-Saving Tips

Cleaning a rug is important because of the various odor-causing pathogenic organisms that may be lodged in a rug. These organisms that are lodged in your rug may be more than enough for settling health concerns as well as hygiene problems.  One of the first things you should consider is regularly vacuuming your rug regularly. You should do this regularly to remove particles, debris, and fibers that are getting lodged in the rug.

Cleaning a Rug: Best Money-Saving Tips

We recommend that you follow up vacuuming your rug with a thorough shake of the rug, or using a vacuum attachment that gently grabs loose particles.

Given the humid environment that most rugs are kept in, there are particular care considerations for handling rugs. For example, you should make sure to store your rug during the rain-free season, if possible.

Another thing is to regularly clean spills on the rug.  You should use a white cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible. Again, it’s important to shake your rug as you go to remove as many particles as possible.

Our best money-saving tips for cleaning a rug:

1. Regularly vacuum your rug

2. Regularly clean spills on the rug

3. Shake your rug as you go to remove as many particles as possible

4. Store your rug during the rain-free season, if possible

5. Use a white cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible 

What are the important tips to keep in mind while cleaning a rug? 

After you completely dry the rug, make sure you clean the rug at least once a week to get rid of the dirt that settles in it during the week. You might not be aware of the fact that the dirt that you walk on can be reapplied on the rug with every use. Hence, if you don’t clean the rug on a regular basis, you can be sure that its quality will be affected.

The critical aspect of cleaning a rug is to not use any product that is harsh or not apt for the kind of stain your rug has. Using a product that may not be good for the rug may lead to the rug being torn apart or further fading.

However, it is not necessary that you rent a rug cleaner or a rug specialist. You can get a machine that will help you with the task of cleaning a rug at a low price. However, these machines will not clean a rug as thoroughly as a professional rug cleaner but will work for a rug of a certain size. If you have a big area rug, you might need to spend a few days with the machine before the rag becomes clean.

What are the items needed to clean a rug at home?

Vacuum cleaner, vinegar, dish soap, rug shedding tool, rug shampooer, rug pad, rug brushes are a few items one may need to stack up in order to consistently clean a rug at home.

Cleaning the rug at home is an activity that many people don’t want to do. To do that, you need to have in your home some items that will serve you best in achieving that goal. They are vacuum, vinegar, dish soap, rug shedding tool, rug shampooer, rug pad, rug brushes. But you need to make sure to clean them!

Maintenance of Items needed to clean a rug:

Cleaning a rug on a budget can be tough. After all, it’s not just the rug that needs cleaning; it’s the rug pad, rug brushes, and carpet cleaner that need to be maintained too. Here are some tips to maintain rug cleaning items at home:

When you vacuum the rug, use the nozzle attachment with the most suction power.

You can also use vinegar to remove any ugly stains.

To clean the rug shampooer, rinse with water, then fill it with white vinegar, and run through the entire cycle.

The rug pad will trap dirt, so after vacuuming, try hosing the rug pad down with the garden hose.

The pros and cons of cleaning a rug at home:

Pros: we can use eco-friendly cleaners and products and clean them as often as we want, and we also don’t have to pay for an appointment to rug cleaners which may be quite costly. 

Cons: we can’t use our carpets as much as we would like to because we’re afraid to dirty them, and we can’t use heating and cooling as much as we need because we’ll be afraid to mess up our rug that we may have to clean later on. Or worse, replace later.

Washable Rugs:

We know that rugs are a beautiful addition to any room. We also know that they are a house’s first line of defense against dirt. But for all their utility, rugs can be a pain to clean because it is time-consuming and your vacuum cleaner may not be able to pick up all the particles.

Rugs are also expensive. This is why it is so important to choose the best rug for your needs. What if you could have the best of both worlds? That is what washable rugs are for.

Washable rugs are rugs that can be cleaned right in your washer and dryer. They can be machine washed and then tumble dried. Throw them in the washer with detergent, soap, or bleach. Spin them in the machine for 20 minutes, then hang them to dry to last year.

If you need more assistance on cleaning a rug at home or washable rugs, all you have got to do is reach out to us, we at Faberrug will be more than happy to guide you on the right path of Rugs Wonderland!

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