How to pick the best Hallway runner rugs

How to pick the best Hallway runner rugs

How to pick the best Hallway runner rugs

In our past blogs we have talked about the comfort carpets and rugs bring to your home, providing warmth, design, color, and feel. Your hallway is no different than any other room in your home. It deserves to look elegant and take you from one part of your home to the next. Connecting spaces, using a runner can be a brighten the space to make the hall easier to navigate while being your personal taste to an often neglected space. Lets discuss how to pick the best hallway runner for you.

select the best hallway runner rugs

Hall Runners: 

  • A popular floor choice for corridors, either area rug runners or wall to wall installations
  • Offer a wide range of materials.
  • Comes in different sizes, colors, and designs.

However, choosing the perfect rug for different purposes can be exciting with today’s various designs. Faber Rug makes this project fun and enjoyable. We assist in ever aspect from design to material and installation.

Don’t forget your hallway, it deserves your attention too just like the rest of your home. If the hallway runner rug you selected reflects the tone and vibe of your home with vast colors that blend, then you have chosen the perfect one.

Things to keep in mind when choosing hallway runner rugs

The first impression your guests receive is when you first open your door. When they enter your home it should feel inviting and warm. Your foyer can be a great place to start your runner rug that lays the path throughout your home. Read on to have an idea of what to be thing about when selecting your new carpet.

Consider the size

Hallway Runners can be custom sized to anything you desire. Think about how wide your hallway is and decide how many inches of wood you want to show. At Faber Rug we come to your home and show you your margins and options to create the perfect piece. You may want to display your beautiful wooden floors with a area runner than go wall to wall. If you live in a colder climate it will help warm your home a feet while going from room to room.

Select the best matching material

This is a critical aspect to consider when picking good rugs for entryways. Your entrance rugs will get a lot of wear and tear. A lot of debris can be tracked in in the particular area. Be sure to choose a material that handles this type of abuse. At the same time, it should provide comfort and design.

Entryway rugs can be made out of any material but some can withstand more wear and and be more stair resistant than others. Many people like to use wool for its cleanability and wearability. Others prefer indoor outdoor carpet like polypropylene because you can just clean it with dish soap and water.

Synthetic fiber carpets (made of polyester, nylon, olefin, etc.) are artificially dyed to show vibrant colors and intricate designs are also a good choice for an entryway.

Optional Shapes for Different Foyers

Choose a rug shape that fits the shape of your entrance. Do you have a long narrow entryway? Try long front entryway rugs. If it is rectangular, we suggest using a rectangular rug. However, you can make things interesting by choosing a square or round carpet instead. Place the rug in the middle of the room or under the chandelier, and voila!

Choose the most interesting pattern

A well-chosen pattern not only adds visual interest to a space but also temporarily hides dirt and lint until you have a chance to clean the rug. The majority of our customers prefer attractive patterns, multi-colored and styleish over solid colors.

Incorporate the color

Selecting the best matching color for your hallway runner rugs is very simple. Creatively striated colored rugs, or multi-colored rugs, can reflect the natural sunlight around the space, filling the entrance with light. Meanwhile, the deeper tones can darken the room and be relaxing.

Next, consider the inside and outside landscape. Front entryway rugs can create amazing visual arts in association with the surroundings. Simply incorporate the interior colors of your wall paint and trim colors to coordinate with the rug. If you have neutral tones then maybe try a pop of color.

Customize your hallway runner rugs

Although you can buy rugs from the shop, the best thing is to make it the way it suits you. Faber’s Rug customizes your dream rugs with perfect designs. We create nice visual effects for your house with fantastic color that blends created with the world’s finest materials. The most significant advantage of this is that we give you the size and shape that fits perfectly in you hallway, stair, or any room in your house or place of business.

Faber’s Rug Company aids our customers in customizing their home with any flooring material in every design and texture. So, choosing hallway runner rugs for your home will exciting. We provide everything from design to installation. Call us today! 781-235-5996

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