Why do rugs from India give a more luxurious look?

Why do rugs from India give a more luxurious look?

Why do rugs from India give a more luxurious look?

Although this isn’t the first time that we are going to talk about rugs from India, we have many things to discuss. Even though China, Iran, Turkey, and some other countries furnish the necessity of rugs in the world, those iconic rug styles crafted in India still hail at the top of the best rug suppliers. These rugs have had an increasing demand and popularity in recent times related to the different styles and cultural influences in oriental, contemporary, and traditional rugs from a wide range artisans throughout the world. We have discussed the reasons to choose rugs from India for your floor in one of our recent articles, you can click on the attached link below and review that. And here, we will be discussing why they provide more luxury in your home.

Why choose the best Indian rugs for your home?

What makes Rugs from India unique among others?

The country of India claims a rich heritage of artistic creations. Products from there are very popular for a lot of creative ingredients tailored to attract people from anywhere in the world. When it comes to rugs and carpets, rugs from India inherit this creativity and with over 2 million artisans and weavers. They have a continuous production that expands over time and makes transitional Indian carpets play an unmatched role in the global market even more than in the local market. Including the rich heritage and culture, the designers mix beautiful colors to fit everyone’s taste. Most people and designers use rugs of different colors to increase the interior beauty not only because they like it but because it is a famous secret technique.

The last article we published before this one explained how to use colorful rugs correctly in your home, and if you are interested in reading more you can click the below link and review the article. So, the delicate styling, elaborative designs, vibrant shades, and fine craftsmanship from the Indian rug industry make them unique and hail like a king in the global market.

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Rugs from India deliver luxury by their high quality materials.

What makes a rug luxurious?

Without a doubt, the softest, smoothest and shiniest rugs deserve to be the most luxurious rugs. Many key factors affect producing these qualities. Accordingly, fiber material, design, color, pattern, quality of colors, and the skills of the artisans or the weavers are also directly affecting whether making a rug is luxurious or not. Mainly, the most luxurious rugs that are in the market are made of Wool, Silk, or a blend of both. However, Synthetic and Nylon rugs are also being used to create attractive pieces. This depends on the talent of the producers. The number of Knotts in each square inch of a rug is also a fact that affects calculating the cost of a rug. They are undoubtedly expensive since expensive rugs can provide more luxury in a genuine market. We must admit that the price increases when making a rug that appeals to the eyes beautifully.

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How do rugs from India deliver luxury?

We have mentioned the common facts that make a rug luxurious to cater to enchanting interior decoration. Indian rug industry has captured many of the above qualities and finely tuned to nano levels. Also, they work hard to maintain quality by including some important steps in their production process. The following are the best examples of those.

Hard Carding and Spinning

This is a pre-work that should be carried out before starting production. The process helps to deliver a high-quality rug because the goal of the process is to clean and detangle yarn fibers and convert them into a silver web-like structure.

Using direct sunlight in dying

Everyone knows that India is a tropical country that receives more sunlight in many districts. Most of the rug-making areas of India are located in tropical areas so they get sunlight for a long period the year. As a result, they use direct sunlight to dry after the dying process. As well as it reduces cost and improves the quality of the colors than drying using machinery where the colors are oxidized.

Inspiring arts and designs

The world recognizes that the designs, drawings, and color combinations of rugs from India reveal nature, culture, global art, and emotions. You can easily select rugs that match any place in your home after an interesting trip to Faber Rug in Wellesley, MA or inquire about the photos on our Oriental rug page on our website.

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