Antique art deco Chinese rug

Antique art deco Chinese rug

Antique art deco Chinese rug

In the era of the art deco movement in the western region, a marvelous movement happened on the other side of the globe. One artistic and innovative man from the republic of China took over the responsibility of reacting to the western invention on his own. Since the time was in the experimental stages of production, this man Walter Nichols created a revolution in the traditional design and architectural culture in China by creating a new invention named the art deco Chinese rug. Did it damage the usual culture by invading western culture into the majestic Chinese design culture?

How art deco Chinese rug style is inspired.

Chinese art deco style for rugs features some florist styles with vibrant colors and designs. They are created according to geometrical shapes and designs created during the art deco movement that happened in France. You can read everything about that historical incident by referring to the following link.

The fantastic story of art deco rug

Due to their unique style, these were the most recognizable style of rugs in the Asian region in the 1930s. Nicholas, who is the inventor of the Chinese art deco rug, has still taken care to prevent the uniqueness of the culture by creating them to look like the Chinese original. The creators have used specific patterns, colors, and materials. Let’s have a complete overview through the evaluation of the designs.

art deco chinese rug

Design and inspiration

Symbolically designed, old Chinese rugs often feature Buddhist or Taoist motifs, such as lotus flowers, clouds, and dragons, in their design. Traditional colors in these rugs include black, blue, red, beige, and yellow. The purpose of Chinese carpets goes far beyond aesthetics. They are meant to give an insight into the era of highly artistic craftsmanship that many modern rugs lack. 

Main characteristics of Chinese art deco rugs

  1. The designs are bold, geometric, ornate, and full of rhythmic colors that complement each other. 
  2. The colors are bright for a lively and energetic look.-bright blue, rich red, emerald green, yellow, canary, royal violet.
  3. Monochromatic color schemes are used in beiges-pale blues and charcoal gray – for a more subdued modern flair.
  4. Depicted geometric, angular patterns like zigzags, squares, sharp angles, sunbursts, and chevrons.
  5. Egyptian signs and motifs – pyramids, birds, or hieroglyphics
  6. Hand-made using wool, silk, or a combination of the two
  7. Very thick as in the western ones and plushy – luxurious in feel
  8. Art Deco Chinese Rugs will have a floral motif that is slightly asymmetrical.
  9. Look for wool rugs made by Paule Leleu and Walter Nichols.
  10. Symmetrical and repeating patterns – lines, sweeping curves, squares

Best tips for choosing an art deco Chinese rug

Authentic designs for home are something everyone prefers to have. When the living place looks specific and different from others, it becomes a reason to be proud. So, home decor has been a part of living. Even though artistic inspiration is necessary for making your home a comfortable place to live, deco-inspired rugs take it to the next level. 

Mind the material

We have told you a lot about selecting the perfect material when it comes to buying a rug. The material that your rug needs depends on different aspects, like the style you are choosing, the place where you are laying the rug, the traffic of the place, and the comfort limit you are willing to approach. We have discussed everything separately in several blogs out there. Click on the below links to try them.

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Focus on the design

Chinese rug designs always bring artistically Chinese motifs with unique color combinations. The Chinese rugs tend to use yellows, gold, fuchsia, turquoise, and motifs such as pagodas, lanterns, floral designs, Vases, etc. In Chinese Art Deco rugs, center expansions in hues of amethyst purple, emerald green, citrus yellow, fuchsia, teal, and midnight blue with headers are interspersed with peonies and pagodas in a simple, stylized fashion. Bamboo and weeping willows line the wide, contrasting borders.

However, the proportions and symmetry commonly used when creating an art deco Chinese rug were ignored in favor of an entirely new sensibility. In short, Chinese art deco rugs borrowed freely from Chinese traditions to create a new type of rug for Western consumers. So, you can easily find designs that perfectly match your house’s color tone and your region’s trending color tones. 

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