Best types of rugs: Everything you need to know

Best types of rugs: Everything you need to know

Best types of rugs: Everything you need to know

The best types of rugs to select from the varieties

How are the different types of rugs classified?

Rugs exist in a wide range of different types. Depending on the type of purpose you need a rug for, you’ll want to be aware of the different types of rugs that are available.

Also, they have different aspects like material, style, design, and the qualities like longevity, durability, and cleanability,  There are many rugs in the market depending on your taste, quality, and price point.

The best types of rugs based on where they are used

1. Area Rugs

People who always look forward to comfort and style love these types of rugs. The rich style and the comfort they bring to your home is amazing. No matter what color you need for your bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, area rugs can deliver the perfect foundation.

That’s why Area rugs are a popular choice when deciding how to set up your room. When we talk about history, they have been used in the 5th century BC, over 2,500 years ago, by different cultures and civilizations. These rugs have improved over time and still produce beautiful and ornate colors and designs.

2. Hallway Runners

Hallway runners fill the corridors in your home that are long and narrow. These are the hardest items to select when you are decorating houses, but if you made the best selection out of the different types of rugs in the market. Your house’s first impression is almost over.

The essential things to consider when it comes to selecting the best hallway runner is the material. You can buy hallway runners made of Jute, sisal, wool, or synthetics. Choose the construction based on your creativity and the traffic in the area.

3. Door Mats

Door mats are essential for indoor and outdoor use. Polypropylene is the best choice for both. This material will be waterproof and stain resistant. If it looks dirty, take it out side and hose it down. If this is a custom made mat make sure its bound in an indoor outdoor binding because most bindings are cotton and may not hold up in outdoor whether. 

4. Outdoor Rugs

They are mostly used for setting a scene for your outdoor patio, deck, or porch. The most important thing is selecting the most attractive one that coordinates with your fabrics. Polypropylene is still the best material for these outdoor settings

5. Bath Rugs & Mats

You might think about how we can use a rug in the bathroom. But, you will definitely be able to use one.  Place one in front of your since and in front of your bathtub.  Bath mats deliver sturdy footing and an absorbent surface to step onto after a shower.

6. Stair Runners

You can select the best staircase carpet to make the perfect statement! Faber Rug deals with Stair Runners that are very similar to hallway runners. Making your home looks great, the stair runner protects you from slipping and falling. They’re designed to provide a decorative slip resistant layer to guide you up and down your stairs.

7. Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is somewhere that should look clean peaceful and inviting. The majority of kitchens use runners on the floor the length of your counters for a soft place to stand while cooking and entertaining. You can choose from many different fibers for comfort. I personally use Polypropylene because if spill on it I scrub it with Dawn dish soap and a sponge. and its gone. 

The best types of rugs based on material

Before you think about the style of the rug you buy, it’s essential to consider the various types of rug materials obtainable. There are pros and cons to every type from natural to synthetic fibers. Here are the eight most typical rug materials to understand, along with shopping selections from some of the best places to buy rugs.

1. Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are natural types of rugs made traditionally by hand knotting. Other techniques of crafting these rugs are hand-tufting, hand-loomed or machine loomed (for broadloom). Wool hand knotted rugs are more generally more expensive due to the amount of work that goes into crafting these fine works of art. Their durability is unmatched and will last generations. These can be passed from one family member to the next. Given its robustness, this kind of rug is ideal for high-traffic spaces, like the living room, bedroom, and entryway.

2. Silk Rugs

Whether it’s a 100 percent silk or silk blend, including a silk rug provides it a luxurious glitter. Silk fibers are thin, fine, and comfortable to the touch.

Silk rugs are exceptionally delicate and hard to clean, this quality of rug is best fitted for wall hangings or areas that don’t have much foot traffic. Their are also synthetic options to real silk but are slightly less durable than the real deal.

3. Cotton Rugs

They are not very expensive. These types of rugs serve as a budget-friendly option. Nevertheless, cotton is more likely to fade quicker than other materials. Cotton rugs are the best types of rugs to use in casual spaces. These inexpensive rugs are great if you like to change your scene for the seasons and holidays.

4. Jute and Bamboo Rugs

Jute and bamboo rugs are made by naturally grown plants. They are woven to create a casual look. In most cases these rugs are used near the coast or in your summer home. Their price point isn’t high and they can be made in any size depending on the width of the roll. If you decide you want to add a little more detail to the room you can layer a smaller Jute or Bamboo rug on top of your existing wall to wall carpet or area rug.

You can position your furniture on a large area rug to form an inviting area to sit and talk that covers the majority of the room. Another option is to pick a smaller area rug that fits in front of your furniture under your coffee table to show off your beautiful wood floors. Jute rugs often require wide binding to finish the edge because of how dense it is. You have the option to have 1″ – 2.5″ of cotton or leather binding. This allows the edge to be sealed and also delivers a dramatic statement, choose from countless colors to coordinate your fabrics.

Jute and Bamboo rugs should never be used outside because they will change color and fade from sun and moisture. They also may not be able to be cleaned.

5. Leather or Sheepskin Rugs

Leather and sheepskin rugs are created from actual animal hides. Leather rugs are woven or stitched together to from a dramatic piece of art. Since leather comes in strips it has to be seemed together. If you create a large rug you will see where once piece is joined to the next. The seam isnt drastic and does add a natural feel to the rug. Sheepskins or other hides come in uncommon sizes depending on the size of the animal. They can make a nice statement in a den or rustic home. 

Hides can be layered on other rugs and can be cleaned easily but they are difficult to vacuum. They are very soft and comfortable to touch. 

6. Faux Fur/ Faux Hide Rugs

This is an alternative for leather rugs or sheepskin rugs. If your budget is tight and you don’t prefer to have a real animal hide in your house, select Faux fur or Faux hide rugs. 

Faux fur rugs are acrylic and synthetic compositions and are normally power-woven. These are perfect for those who desire the luxury of fur except worrying if it was sourced ethically. These types of rugs are prone to shedding, especially when new, and they’re not as easy to clean as actual hides.

7. Polypropylene Rug

As a common rule, these rugs are prone to be thinner than a wool rug. However, some can feel as soft. The basic selling feature of an synthetic rug is the cost point. They are very budget-friendly, creating an affordable way to swap out rugs frequently if you wish.

At the same time, polypropylene and synthetic blends are prone to clean up easily and are normally fade-resistant, making them perfect in high-traffic places, like children’s bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, and the outdoors. The basic drawback to these types of rugs is that polypropylene does not decompose quickly. So, they are absolutely not environmentally friendly.

The best types of rugs based on pattern

Rugs are produced worldwide using different production methods, and some of them are inherited from their cultures. As an example, Tibetian rugs are culturally designed to depict Tibet’s culture, The colors, figures, and designs woven are extremely eye catching . Also, there is a wide ranges of traditional and modern designs and patterns of rugs available in today’s market. The following varieties are the most popular.

1. Animal Print Rugs

They have an all-over design or parts of a design. Animal print area rugs are mostly attractive due to the product’s repetitive design, shape, and various colors. These rugs are very popular and the demand is high.

2. Chevron Rugs and Striped Rugs

Chevron rugs are types of rugs with zigzags and V-shaped designs. Fundamentally, imagine a striped rug, but instead of those stripes looking linear, they’re in a zigzag manner. Chevron patterns are inspired from 1800 BC, first found in ancient Greece. If you’re thinking about buying a chevron rug, consider choosing your fabrics first so that the room doesn’t look to busy.

3. Coastal Rugs

Everyone loves the ocean and everything related to the coastal area. Out of the different types of rugs depending on their pattern, coastal rugs are somewhat strange and feature elements of the ocean, sea, or beach. These rugs are normally waterproof or made for outdoor living spaces.

4. Distressed Rugs

The retro look of these types of rugs look aged, worn, and faded. The pattern might be missing on purpose from intentional (faux) wear and tear.  All the colors are charming, relaxing, and easy on the eye.

5. Floral Rugs

Floral Rugs have simple designs of wreaths or flowers. You can see colorful all over patterns. You can decide on the scale of the design. Some of these rugs have a scattered flower pattern other are more linear.

6. Geometric Rugs

These types of rugs feature different geometric designs. This is the most common design. The reason might be they blend with most fabrics and furniture.

7. Cottage Rugs

Depending on the location of your cottage, on the lake, ocean, or in the mountains there is a rug for the vibe you are trying to accomplish. Come to Faber Rug to view our vast selection of carpets from around the world. 

8. Medallion Rugs

Medallion rugs have an overall design that corresponds to woven shapes that are circular or organic many times having a center medallion in the middle of the rug. The weavers can create these designs either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

9. Watercolor Rugs

Watercolor rugs show abstract brushstrokes or paint splotches. These are very artistic and have usually have bright colors. 

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