Decorating a bedroom with rugs

Decorating a bedroom with rugs

Decorating a bedroom with rugs

Decorating a bedroom is different from how we usually decorate a living room. Most people focus on decorating their living room, dining room, etc., rather than the bedroom. They think it is optional to focus on decorating a bedroom with rugs. This happens when most of their guests visit the living room. But, this is a huge mistake people make since the bedroom is where they relax after a busy day. Everyone needs to relax in a calming place to relieve stress and refresh the soul. Isn’t it?

So, hurry up if you also didn’t focus on decorating your bedroom correctly. It’s time to make a change in your life. Start decorating your bedroom now and enjoy the cognitive benefits. Go through the article carefully and understand how to decorate your bedroom correctly as well as to concentrate on a suitable rug.

What are the essentials to focus on when decorating a bedroom with rugs?

As mentioned, your bedroom should be a space you look forward to returning to at the end of a busy day. So, whenever you remember your sleep space, your mind should be full of clarity. If not, you might have made mistakes when designing the bedroom. Check with the following designer-approved key factors in your mind and begin from scratch. The following things should follow in addition to decorating a bedroom with rugs. These things will increase the effectiveness of your effort, as well as using an attractive carpet. Let’s take a look.

decorating a bedroom with rugs

Prevent visual clutter

Attention! A large bed in your room may increase the luxurious look. But, simultaneously, it makes your room a bit messy and cluttered. So, even if your room is small, pay attention to leaving some space on either side of your bed.

Use some furniture in the room.

Your bedroom should include something more than your bed. Also, you will have some other purposes to be fulfilled with your bedroom other than sleeping.

Choose the right rugs, curtains, and bed linens

Not only rugs but choosing curtains and bed linens also should be meaningful. They should add the right vibe to the room. You may be using blinds to design a luxurious room, they also should be selected according to the correct steps to add warmth to the interiors. When you are designing a luxurious bedroom, you can select velvet or white curtains, plush rugs, and silk bedsheets. These are a perfect combination

If you are designing a luxurious bedroom, you can go for velvet curtains, plush carpets, and silk bed sheets. You should buy these things in matching colors, and they must complement each other as well as the color theme of the room. Also, go for curtains and upholstery that are easy to maintain and highly durable. Let’s see how you should focus on selecting the right rug.

When you are decorating a bedroom with rugs, you will have to focus more on the following. Faber Rug recommends choosing a rug considering the following key factors.

Test the Size Before You Buy

First outline the dimensions that you need to lay your rug inside your bedroom. Use tape when doing this, it can be either masking tape or painter’s tape. It will ensure that you are laying a rug for the exact size you prefer. It allows you to see how the rug fits your room and also it lets you know whether you need to select a different dimension.

Faber Rug experts keenly focus on the right dimensions when we are installing bedroom rugs. Also, our experts can recommend the best size to install your carpet in your room for maximum experience. Contact us over the phone or visit our shop at 19 Central Street Wellesley, MA 02482. We are a family owned business that provides carpet installation services over generations.

Find the best layout for your carpets

When you are decorating a bedroom with rugs for a better experience, it’s a must to choose the right layout in addition to fitting the right size. It is essential to place your rug in your bedroom in the perfect place that it belongs. There are several concerns to keep in mind when you are doing this. Go through the following to understand each and every way in detail.

  1. Covering your whole room:- You can lay a rug to cover your whole room keeping a border along with the walls. However, you will need a large area rug to accommodate almost every piece of furniture in your room on the rug’s surface. This will work well for small bedrooms and sometimes it may be spectacular and cozy as well.
  2. Entire bed on the rug:- You can place your bed on the surface of the rug in the middle of the bedroom. This is the most common way to style a bedroom with an amazing rug and this is even budget friendly than the full room rug. Remember to keep a wide border away from the bed and position your rug horizontally instead of laying it vertically. This will bring a cozy landing in the morning.
  3. The lower part of the bed on the rug: – This is a popular way that most people used to decorate their bedroom with rugs. Place just one-third of your bed on the rug’s surface. You can immediately convert your room’s dimensions from small to large with this method. This size rug usually falls in front of the nightstands and extends past the bed a few feet.
  4. A rug near the bed: – Place a runner rug near your bed to make it even cozier when you get up as well as to transform the interior look. This method fits both contemporary and modern bedroom designs. Otherwise, this works well when you have placed your bed attached or a few inches away from a wall. Remember to select a runner rug that is shorter than your bed and can add style and substance to your space.
  5. Wall-to-Wall Rugs: – This is a great way to keep your room inviting and cover your entire floor. No need to have a special rug made or search for an oriental. You can come to Faber Rug and choose from thousands of styles laid out for you and we can help narrow down the selection. Our measure man will come out for free to measure any room or all your rooms in your home. A wall-to-wall rug is exactly that it goes from one wall to the next covering the entire floor. This also helps keep the floor warm in the winter and you won’t have cold spots.

At Faber Rug we provide customized rugs for your bedrooms to perfectly fit your dimensions, style, and budget. You can get our expert help if you need good suggestions and also for installation. Remember to visit our store at 19 Central Street Wellesley, MA 02482, or call us via (781) 235-5996.

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