Best tips and the correct steps for oriental rug cleaning

Best tips and the correct steps for oriental rug cleaning

Best tips and the correct steps for oriental rug cleaning

Fantastic rugs are the secret technique for chilling up the ambiance of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or anywhere in a home, palace, room, hotel, or office. The way they enhance the look and feel is far better than anything. That’s why rugs have become one of the essential selections for every kind of interior designer and decorator worldwide. However, maintaining your rug’s color, ambiance, and fresh look is necessary for any condition. Even if the rug is laid in a busy place or not. The only chance when the rug isn’t laid in a busy place is the rug doesn’t get dirty quickly. Knowing the best ways of cleaning rugs is better for maintaining the interior looks every time. Since oriental rugs are something everyone uses in busy places to sustain a high-end interior look, getting to know about oriental rug cleaning is a high priority.

The correct way of oriental rug cleaning

Oriental rugs or antique rugs are created by weaving or hand weaving cotton, silk, or wool, called warps, stretched vertically between two wooden horizontal beams. So, the main foundations of these oriental rugs are the warp and the weft. In between the wefts, some knots tighten the layers and create piles. Between those tight piles of the oriental rugs, dust particles that are not easy to wash away have been deposited. So, the cleaning process of oriental rugs may be a bit harder than other kinds of rugs, but it is possible. 

However, you have to follow the correct way to clean your oriental rug. Otherwise, your rug can be damaged, color faded, and will begin to deteriorate. In other words, if you follow a bad strategy to clean your rug, the rug can be ruined easily and fast. So, don’t get your lovely interior decors to get wasted when cleaning, if you are not sure about the correct way, please avoid doing it yourself and hire a specialist. Especially when your rug is important to you for any reason except the money. When it comes to cleaning Persian rugs, always pay attention to the correct ways of oriental rug cleaning from a trusted partner like Faberrug Co. Inc. which always tries to deliver customer satisfaction. We don’t clean rugs in our store but we can pick them up and have them sent out for professional cleaning. Okay. Let’s take a look at the steps of cleaning oriental rugs broadly.

Steps of cleaning an oriental rug at your home

Many professionals provide oriental rug cleaning services. There is no magic oriental rug cleaner where the professionals simply feed it through your rug, and voila, sparkling clean. No worries. Now you can buy an oriental rug and clean it yourself like a professional. You can buy machines that shampoo the rug and work like a vacuum, have a professional do it or try these steps yourself. All the necessary advice will be given by us in this article. Otherwise, you can contact Faberrug Co. Inc. for further information. We provide everything necessary for rug lovers to keep their homes as they wish. We furnish you with information while providing the best rugs for reasonable prices.

oriental rug cleaning

Getting ready 

Cleaning small oriental rugs is not even hard. But, it’s better if you can select a sunny day and a tranquil place. Gather all the necessary tools around you.

Vacuum the rug first

Vacuum thoroughly on both sides of the rug. You need to make sure every last piece of debris is gone. If you have pets, use the brush attachment to remove stray hairs.

Making the rug wet

Don’t lay your rug on the ground. Place it over meshed rubber mats. Then, drench your rugs in water and make them wet. Now, prepare the shampoo mixture. Use the best rug shampoo or a mild soap that perfectly fits with an oriental rug cleaning. Then you should drench your rugs in the mixture to make them soak for a while. 

Now, the dirt in the rugs may get loosed through the piles. Give a few minutes to build up that’s deeply set in.

Mix the rug by running an agitator brush/machine on its surface. This means getting deep into the fibers of the carpet to loosen dirt without damaging its color or texture.

Removing the soap and the water from the rug

You can do this using a squeegee or a flat rake. You have to check whether your cleaning partner (squeegee or the flat rake) doesn’t burn or damage the colors and the texture. Test a small corner of the rug to confirm. If the color doesn’t bleed. You can scrub safely. 

Once again

Apply the cleaning solution to the rug once again. Now, use a sponge or soft-bristled brush. Wait for five minutes before going to the next step. 

Rinse the rug

Sprinkle water onto the rug using the garden hose and rinse the rug well. Mind using very clean water. Do this until all the cleaning solution is washed away from the rug. Let it become crystal clear. 

Use the wet-dry vacuum

The next-to-last step in oriental rug cleaning is to let it dry. Lay the rug flat in the space you have and let the top dry thoroughly. This should be done well to remove the excess water. Since it is essential to protect the oriental rug. That’s why we have mentioned choosing a bright day for the cleaning process. Make sure all the excess water in the rug went off. Then, flip it over to dry the underside as well.

One last check

Once all is done. You can check if the fibers and the threads are compacted or squished. Run the vacuum over the rug or use the brush to check this. You will see fibers are extracted if only something has happened. If not, you are all set. Take your amazing oriental rug to where it belongs and enjoy the new fresh look.

Congratulations! Now you can buy oriental carpets without any fear in you. If you have read the article from top to bottom without skipping a single word, you now have professional theoretical knowledge about oriental rug cleaning. Faberrug Co. Inc. always brings customer-focused and value-added services to the products we offer. Keep in touch with us for more informative articles about rugs, rug cleaning, and everything else carpet related.

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