How to soften a Tibetan rug made of Viscose after washing?

How to soften a Tibetan rug made of Viscose after washing?

How to soften a Tibetan rug made of Viscose after washing?

People who need both luxury and an artistic feeling inside their homes always select a Tibetan rug. We have presented these many times during our journey, which has conveyed a lot of information to the readers. The fact that there are many values ​​in these rugs was a reason to talk like that. However, modern ones of these are constructed using a large number of techniques and designs. Even though technology has evolved, various influences have occurred, and the lovely designs inherited from the Tibetan culture to the rug industry are unmatched. You can visit the recent article we brought you as Tibetan Rugs: A Brief History. to explore the inspiration. We are repeating the artistic genius of the Tibetan people is as wonderful as thousands of years ago. The folk art between them, which surprised the world, still exists.

How Viscose comes to the Tibetan carpeting?

Traditionally, the creation of these rugs happened using sheep’s wool. Additionally, Tibetan wool was used and is rich in lanolin and, once woven, can be one of the softest textures your feet can encounter. However, all carpets are made from organic materials, and most rugs are handmade. Vegetable dyes used to make kapast are tea leaves, barberry, rumex leaves, myrobalan fruit, madder root, indigo rock, etc. Different materials have joined the industry due to the high demand and the inability to supply enough sheep’s wool. Although modern fabrics like synthetic, Viscose, and Silk are used, their quality and wisdom still exist.

Among the newly added materials in the industry, viscose fabric offers an extra luxury, allure, and mind-blowing feel as it is a skillfully hand-woven fabric that combines a fine sheer warp with bright, voluminous woven yarns. Still, Bamboo silk fabric is a natural viscose obtained from bamboo plants and is widely used in the industry. 

How to clean a Tibetan rug made of Viscose?

Here comes the important part. When your rug is full of dirt and looks dull, it distracts the guests’ attention from the house. Cleaning the rug whenever possible is essential without concerning the material it has been made of. We have discussed cleaning a carpet generally in one of our previous articles, and now we will make you aware separately. Keep in touch with our blog because we will bring you some of the most important rug cleaning articles in the future based on the material and general tips.

Here we are going to understand how a Tibetan rug with folk arts, colorful designs, and geometric patterns made of viscose fabric should be cleaned before that. Better to understand some advantages of using Viscose rugs even though the cleaning process is a bit different. 

Viscose looks like silk. To the untrained eye, they may be challenging to distinguish. Viscose is inexpensive. Designers and homeowners like to get that silk look without paying the price—a wide range of styles. Due to the low cost of production, you can find viscose carpets in various designs and colors. This is especially true of the pigmented colors of modern designs that are fashionable now.

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Is a Tibetan rug made of Viscose possible to clean?

Simply, the answer is, Yes. Even contaminated Viscose rugs are possible to clean. But, if we compare cleaning a Viscose rug with cleaning a Silk rug, cleaning a Viscose rug is harder. However, the rug we are talking about is possible to clean and obtain a perfect sanitary level. Viscose rugs can be safely washed and dried; you only need to follow the correct steps or find a good service provider. Faber Rug recommends having viscose professionally cleaned and Faber Rug takes no responsibility for damage to your rug if you attempt to clean it your self. It may discolor and the appearance may change.

The first thing to know is Viscose rugs should never be cleaned using water. Remember to use a citric or acetic acid solution.

However, Viscose rugs are some of the most sensitive types of rugs. So, you cannot use a powerful vacuum or regular steam cleaner. They demand particular attention and a special set of cleaning approaches and methods that can prevent severe damage such as cracking and fading. So, if you are cleaning the rug yourself, follow these steps.

Scientifically, Viscose is made of cellulose fiber. So, it is fragile. If the rug is stained by spilled coffee, wine, oil, or other substances, it is essential to clean it promptly. But how? Well. Here are the steps. All stains should be blotted with a cloth or blotting paper, taking care not to enlarge the stain and not to rub too hard. Any stains can be treated with a solution of water, vinegar, or mild detergent. 

Vinegar, at the rate of one half-liter glass of water, is a good help for deep cleaning carpets, even if there are no stains. A vinegar-water solution helps remove dust trapped between fibers and neutralize odors.

How to soften and dry?

Using hot air can damage Viscose rugs. So, you have to be very careful in this important step. The fibers in the treated areas oppose the direction of the rest of the pile, sometimes creating a shiny spot. To reduce this, lightly spray the treated area with water, then place a white cotton cloth over it and iron the pile at the lowest level in the same direction as the rest of the pile.

Using electric equipment to dry your Tibetan rug made of Viscose can be harmful. It is better if you can spray fabric softener on the cleaned rug to prevent it from getting stiff and nappy looking after it dries.  

The quicker you dry the rug, the better but without heat – if you can’t turn the rug upside down like a pro, use a hair dryer to dry the area quickly. But make sure it has a relaxed air setting. Using hot air can cause carpets to be yellow. Be sure to use only cool air to dry the rug.

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