How to select the best living room rugs

How to select the best living room rugs

How to select the best living room rugs

Every room doesn’t look the same. Colour, size, space, light, and different factors are there. So, there are so many concerns when adding something like decorations to them. Read our previous blogs about them to understand them well. When selecting the best living room rugs, you have to think of those. How valuable your material and the design are, you feel it is worst if the selection is not perfectly fit. So, keep in mind the rug facts when buying. However, the following points also help you buy rugs for the living room.

Importance of the best living room rugs

Your living room is the heart of your home, so show love with the 9×12 rug. If you have more space, try a 10×14 or 12×15 rug. Such a large rug should hold all four legs for your furniture.

Try an 8×10 rug in your seating arrangement and anchor the front leg rug in your seating area for more space.

Is there a small space? We recommend that all front legs rest on the carpet so that your furniture does not feel like it is floating.

Why you need the best living room rugs

However, sometimes you need a rug in the area to cover up the ugly floors, not to let downstairs neighbours hear you walk in, or turn your place into a home without spending a lot of money. We spent more than 60 hours researching rugs in the area, interviewing experts, and testing rugs with panellists, then set our feet on our favourites in our home (and let a cat do its best to destroy them) for many more hours. It’s not that simple when selecting the best living room rugs for these purposes.

Out of the different rugs we have tested, we highly recommend the following that come in various sizes, colours and patterns. We recommend flat woven, low heels and high heels options for different functional purposes and decoration styles. According to the composition, you can consider buying the following types of rugs as you need.


A flatweave rug doesn’t contain knots. So, they are one of the most popular rug types in the history of rugs. They are not only familiar but also extremely comfortable and beautiful. Many people may be unfamiliar with the term “flat woven rug“. Its meaning is self-explanatory based only on the name; a Flatweave means it is flat. Yes, that’s all there is to it; It is skinny and has no piles, allowing it to flatten. Also, these rugs are woven rather than knitted, which is another difference between them and other rugs. These are also among the oldest types of rugs.

High Pile rugs Vs Low Pile rugs

There are two types of rug types according to their interior pile. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Because of their height, the high piles allow the rug to give more than the middle and lower piles – but they are a bit harder to vacuum. To keep tall piles of carpet in the new condition as long as possible, avoid placing them in places with heavy foot traffic.

The high loops on a high pile rug bring a unique cosy aesthetic, so show it off by placing it under furniture pieces with contrasting elements. For example, a dark wooden coffee table on a white top pile carpet will make a sharp difference and bring out the soft texture of the rug.

Low pile rugs are best for rooms with high traffic (living room, dining room)

Because they tend to feel soft and easy to vacuum, low piles of rugs are best for children’s rooms – or any room in a house with children, for that matter. Also, since the fibres are tight and low to the ground, there is no risk of tangling on the loose end.

The fibres of a low pile rug are tight and low to the ground and serve more dynamically than aesthetics, so choose a low pile rug with a fun or unique pattern to avoid mixing with the rest.

Mid pile rugs

When choosing the best rugs for the living room, if you want the luxurious look of a high pile rug and the tight feel of a low pile rug, consider sharing the difference with a middle pile rug. As the name implies, the middle pile rug is the pile between the high and low piles. One of the most popular rug options on the market, the middle rug is tall enough to give a shag look – and thick enough to make it easy to clean.

Choosing the best living room rugs according to the color

Having trouble choosing a rug color? You are not alone. Choosing the right color rug can be incredibly difficult, especially since it is also a significant financial investment that is likely to stay in your home for years to come. A carpet with beautiful patterns can decorate or break a room.

Different spaces require different rug designs and colors. Here is some advice to help support you choosing the best rug for your space.

Decide how you need to feel about the room

An area rug, along with other decors, creates the overall mood of a room. You may want a bedroom to be relaxed and tranquil to promote relaxation, while a recreational space may need more energy and refreshment.

  1. A small space for lighter colors will look great. To make a room feel spacious, consider a combination of pastel shades, white or pale and bright colors.
  2. Silent colors or cool colors like blue, green and purple create a calm atmosphere. Light monochromatic color schemes often work especially well for this purpose.
  3. Bright, vibrant colors evoke a sense of energy. Orange, red or blues can add energy to your space.

Best neutral rugs for living room

We have discussed earlier neutral and beige rugs. However, Whether you are looking to update a living room, dining room or bedroom, neutral rugs can help create a warm, cosy feel that is fresh and up-to-date. Neutral Area Rugs give you a lot of flexibility with color schemes and design options! A new neutral area rug can completely refresh any space in your home.

Modern Boho

In designing this light-filled, bohemian space, every detail, from the patterned pillow to the pumice grass, was considered. These multi-purpose diamond-patterned 8 × 10 neutral rugs will elevate any room, sticking with rich, monochromatic paint while giving us the pleasure of adding depth and elegance to this earthy living room.

Scandi Chic

When choosing the best neutral rugs for the living room, consider this room proof that you can never go wrong with coordinating colors in your area rug. While the homeowner can go with a monochromatic design, the geometric pattern of this neutral living room gives it a good textured effect that adds to the designer’s connection to all of the tassels, fringe and macro.

Plush Moroccan Ornate Rug 

This type is perfect especially if you are drawn to rich art and color. Like the flamboyant canvas print of the creative lodge depicting a woman’s face with bold, expressive strokes, this plush Moroccan-inspired rug has an imperfect linear functionality that is not taken seriously. Meanwhile, the neutral colors of the rugs in this living room help to balance the bright shades of furniture and wallpaper.

Cognac Cool

This is also one of the best living room rugs. Since you can use this under the couch, you should consider the colour of the couch too. The well-known jute rugs are not washable, but our machine washable re-jute rugs make the look of popular fabrics but a game-changer for those who hate the stress of maintaining it. As can be seen here, the cognac is combined with a leather section and a round wood coffee table, while the black and natural brown design of the large neutral area combines nicely with the color plan of the room. Even better, the Re-Jute rug gives the same relaxed, textured feel as a normal jute rug without the feeling of scratches.

Best living room rugs for families

When it comes to choosing area rugs for families with different compositions like families with kids, without kids, with pets and without pets etc., there are different aspects to think about.

When you have children or pets in your home, it can affect some decorating decisions. Can those cushion covers be washed? How easy is it to vacuum that rug? You begin to make decisions under the assumption of leaks and accidents. One of the most considered (or should be) home decor items in this area is the rug.

What makes a rug kid and pet friendly?

There are certain factors that help a rug to qualify as a child or pet-friendly choice. Our top grades in this branch are rugs that are easy to clean, durable and non-toxic. It is worth noting that carpets that meet all three of these criteria can be difficult to find – but it certainly is not impossible! However, we recommend that you select the two top qualities you want in a rug and narrow your search from there.

When you have babies and small children, rugs are often the area where they lie in your home, learning to crawl, playing with toys or reading books. Thus, it is worth considering if you want to prioritize a non-toxic rug material without added chemicals. Most synthetic carpets contain volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that release harmful chemicals into the air.

They will eventually dissolve, but if you do not want that chemical to enter your home, you will require to take care of some of the material. However, some natural materials, such as cotton, are treated with pesticides and chemicals. If this is a concern, look for certified organic cotton and wool.

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