Why should you select eco-friendly natural rugs?

Why should you select eco-friendly natural rugs?

Why should you select eco-friendly natural rugs?

Many rug users only search for rugs that decorate their home, are durable, and are easy to clean. But, do you know the benefits of every rug are unique? Likewise, natural rugs offer you a wide range of benefits that fit your home, feet, and also for your soul. 

Of the different materials chosen to construct rugs, natural materials are one of the best popular options worldwide. Different parts of the world use other materials according to facts affecting their industrial values. For instance, India is the largest producer of Jute in a massive land area. As the largest producer of raw Jute and jute goods, the production volume of carpet backing cloth jute goods across India was three thousand metric tons in 2015.

The production of natural material-based rugs depends on culture, ability, geographical location, and market demand. However, not only those who are interested in using eco-friendly materials but also those looking for attractive interior designs, colorful patterns, delicate designs, and comfortable materials love to buy natural rugs for their next change. So, keep reading and you will understand using them will be an excellent solution for your next rug.

What are natural rugs?

Previously I mentioned briefly about them. But you will need a clear clarification about the topic to learn why using them in your house is better. If not, you will end up with doubts. 

Understanding their key features

They are the worldwide rugs and rug backings made of Jute, Seagrass, Sisal, Bamboo, Cotton, and Coir. If we describe our character, they are the rugs made from naturally occurring plant and animal materials sourced from the mother earth. You can find them in a wide range of product outputs as follows.

natural rugs

Sisal rugs

Sisal is a versatile fiber extracted from the leaves of plants belonging to the agave family. The scraped fresh leaves have many more favorable features to produce ropes, twines, paper, cloth, footwear, geo-textiles, hats, bags, carpets, and dartboards. This is due to the stiffer, stronger, and low elasticity properties of the material. Although Sisal material is almost used to produce clothing-related products, it is also used as fiber reinforcements for composite fiberglass, rubber, and concrete products. When it comes to making Sisal rugs, the construction requires fine yarn produced out of the initial extract from the Sisal leaves. 

These are hand woven to make it wholly traditional and error-free. Many different patterns and structures can be seen among various cultures worldwide. Sisal rugs are perfect for the upper floors of a home because of their sound-absorbing properties. This material is hard to clean and tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Jute rugs

Jute is also a natural material, almost the same as Sisal, but the growing conditions differ. Also, Jute is extracted from the stem of the Jute plant and not from the leaves. These natural rugs give an attractive silky shine to your home. Jute rugs are the best match for rooms with only light to moderate traffic. Their natural brilliance usually makes them a good choice for a child’s bedroom or home office. They are not recommended for bathrooms or kitchen areas.

Cotton rugs

Some rug materials work better than others, relying on where you place them. It would be best to think about how much moisture there is in the space and how much stuff is likely to leak or track through a rug. However, being inexpensive is the most popular benefit of cotton rugs. Besides that, they are washable and reversible.

Wool rugs

We have discussed more widely about Wool rugs in one of our previous articles. You can see it by clicking here.

Wool carpets are derived out of the fiber obtained from animals. These rugs are naturally water and stain-resistant as well as fade and fire-resistant. These are one of the best types of rugs that you should use in your bedroom and living since they are highly comfortable for your feet. 

Bamboo rugs

Bamboo is known for its strength and durability. These rugs are usually a good choice for high-traffic areas and often have a non-slip backing. Solid bamboo material is naturally stain-resistant, and its smooth texture is easily cleaned. Coir rugs are constructed from durable fibers obtained from coconut husks. These natural rugs are often used for outdoor applications such as porches and patios.

Why should you place the above natural rugs in your home?

I think you have a clear idea about our role in this article. The pros I have mentioned will encourage you to use them in your home. Mainly the inexpensive feature of Cotton and Wool rugs, the durability of bamboo rugs, shining and attractive features of Jute rugs make you feel satisfied with using them. Apart from those, there are many other indirect benefits of using them that no one has ever thought of. Those are mentioned below.

  • Since Jute rugs are the softest and most comfortable, a barefoot walk on them can reduce your mental stress; otherwise, it may contribute to releasing pains in your foot like giving you therapy.
  • Natural rugs don’t release chemicals into the air compared to synthetic rugs. If it exhales, those gases will be pure and healthy to breathe. There will be no toxic gases or dust in them.
  • The warmth given by them is totally natural. So, feeling that warmth will make everyone feel better with a soft touch.
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