Why should you choose an easy-to-clean low-pile rug?

Why should you choose an easy-to-clean low-pile rug?

Why should you choose an easy-to-clean low-pile rug?

Choosing the most beautiful rug is the best way to start your home decor and interior design. There are many interesting and exciting visuals when going through a beautiful rug store like Faber Rug. If you have experienced that at least once, you may have great memories regarding selecting rugs. Those colors, rug fragrances, patterns, arts, and the unique feel of touch might be circulating in your head. But have you ever thought of the technicalities of the rug you choose? If you did, you must know the advantages of selecting a low-pile rug for your home. If you are not, we recommend reading this article before buying your next rug.

What is a low-pile rug?

The term “rug pile’ can be very familiar to you even if you have no idea about it. You might have viewed a few of these rugs while you were exploring e-commerce sites, blogs, or Pinterest. Rug pile refers to the fiber used when knotting a rug. So, it defines the density of the rug fibers used in weaving. Based on this, a rug can be thick, soft, or loose. Also, it can be thin, short, and tight. Generally, rugs’ pile height is either high, low, or medium. However, there is a standard way to differentiate between low, high, or medium. A low-pile rug is 1/4 inch or shorter, while 1/4 to 1/2 inches is medium height. When your rug is 1/2 to 3/4 inches, it’s called a high pile rug or a shag rug. Nevertheless, rugs with more pile than 3/4 inches in height exist.

Why consider the rug pile?

Choosing a rug isn’t limited to color, size, and pattern. It is also about the pile. They come in a wide range, from very low to very high. Every iteration has its unique role, play, and behavior patterns. So, making the right purchase is up to you, but Faber rug provides guidance and rug knowledge to aid in your decisions, as always. Add this low-pile rug guidance to your collection of knowledge to make it a little easier to think about different facets of rug selection.

When it comes to thinking about the pile of the rug, it determines a lot of qualities of the rug. A rug is not always just for beauty but for many functions like enhancing warmth, softening the blow of noises, giving better indoor air quality acting as a filter to trap particles. These qualities always depend on whether it is a low-pile or a high-pile rug. The best rug should be durable, easy to clean, suitable for healthcare needs, and properly function in your space. So, thinking about the rug pile is very important regarding these qualities. Let’s see how those qualities become better with the low-pile rug.

low-pile rug

Thicker isn’t always better.

There are times when you need a high-pile rug for your floor. High-pile rugs are good for increasing the elegance of your entryway, adding a luxurious feel, comfort, and dampening sounds. They are quite attractive and provide extra warmth as there is more space between your foot and the floor. But are these qualities enough? Every rug has different properties and uses.

They can be expensive.

More fabric loops cost more money out of your pocket. So they can be above your budget. There are better choices when looking for something affordable to embellish your home than a high-pile rug if it is out of your price range.

Bad for you and your pet.

The long fibers of high-pile area rugs are not good enough for people with allergies. They trap dirt along with dust. When any shake occurs, the dust is thrown into the air. It reduces the opportunity of sitting and walking on your rug. This becomes worse when there are any house members with asthma or any respiratory diseases. If you need to clarify this further, please click on the link given below.

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Alike, these types of rugs aren’t friendly to your pet or cat. You may want to keep your furballs away from high-pile rugs. Your pets will be interested in chewing them at every chance they get. This can cause injuries when pulling their claws out of fibers and fibers caught in their claws. Consider a low-pile rug if this is a concern to not hurt your pet or your beautiful rug.

Afraid of traffic and weight

Lots of foot traffic can give a high-pile rug an awe-like feeling. It may become flat over time and look unattractive. It can get crushed because of its soft and fluffy structure. Putting furniture and household items on high-pile rugs makes the pile crush easier underweight. So, we recommend our rug lovers avoid using high-pile rugs in high-traffic areas or under heavy furniture if you enjoy rearranging your room often. Review our previous article about the best hallway runner rugs to lay in high-traffic areas if you are searching for those.

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Advantages of an easy clean low-pile rug

Now you know some facts about high-pile rugs, there are instances when high-pile rugs are the right choice. If you have any of these concerns, probably, your house needs a low-pile rug that won’t cause these issues. The following key factors and their value-added benefits of them will eliminate your fear of buying a low-pile rug.


Low-pile rugs are not just beautiful. They are affordable too. Even though they come in different textures and colors, you can purchase your favorite one within your budget.

Easy to clean and maintain

A low-pile rug doesn’t trap as much dirt and dust as a high-pile rug. Due to their fewer fiber loops or cut pile, tighter weaves, and smooth surfaces. Low pile rugs won’t absorb as much as a higher pile rug and may be able to be cleaned easier. In that case, you don’t need much effort, time, or special vacuum cleaners to clean. Easy and fast cleaning offers many benefits, for instance, saving time and reducing maintenance costs. Check out our rug cleaning guides by clicking the below links for more information.

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Say no to allergens.

They avoid allergens from getting trapped within the fibers, unlike the higher pile rugs that trap all kinds of debris.


Kids always run, play, and have fun inside the home. Loose ends and slippery surfaces of rugs can cause your kids to fall. But, the smooth surfaces and fewer loose ends of low-pile rugs help to keep your kid more active, minimizing the danger of slipping and falling.

This is how rug pile matters between low and high. Faber rug recommends you use low-pile rugs in a space like a kitchen or a mudroom. You can use an indoor rug or outdoor rug with a flat weave. However, we don’t limit your low-pile rugs choices to these areas. There may be more instances where we recommend you use low-pile rugs like carpeting a bedroom or lounge area. Our expert experience can help you to choose the best low-pile rug and installation. Feel free to contact us for more information or walk into our store. You will be amazed at our hand-picked selection of In-stock Specials.

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